Impact Marathon Series (IMS) is built upon incredible people harnessing the power of running to create positive change around the world. One of those incredible individuals, who has played an integral part in establishing the Guatemala Impact Marathon is Pablo Jelkmann.

“Pack a smile, you will love Guatemala, not just the place, but the people, the food and the atmosphere”.

That is the top tip of Impact’s very own superstar Pablo Jelkmann ahead of the 2020 Guatemala Impact Marathon.

“Through this trip you will learn about the joy of Guatemala, the colours, the emotions, the incredible landscapes, the variety of flavours and the wonderful people.

“I’m very much looking forward to welcoming you to Guatemala, to show you around my home town of Antigua and to see you cross that finish line on Pacaya Volcano”

Though admittedly not much of a runner, Pablo is a keen cyclist and photographer, he has spent a lot of time exploring the trails of Pacaya Volcano as well as his favourite spots in Tecpan and Lake Atitlan. 

His attraction to Impact Marathon Series was primarily not for the race itself, but the drive to help people around him.

“I was used to seeing communities in need and be powerless, then with Impact I learned that sometimes even small thing matters to people, so if there’s something small I can do as an individual, I do it!

“The Guatemala Impact Marathon helps create friendships, not just partnerships. Even after Impact Week, I am able to stay behind and see the difference that Impact have made on those they work with.

“Impact’s important goal of helping as much as they can is something I believe in, the joy of helping. Helping a community pays back way better than anything else I know of.”

We are thrilled that Pablo will once again be working with Impact in 2020, his enthusiasm and passion to support those around him is infectious.

There is still time to sign up for the Guatemala Impact Marathon and to work alongside Pablo in creating a positive impact on the lives of our charity partners.