You come for the running, you return for the people

The Impact Marathon Series was born from a dream that we could use the simple power of running to uplift communities and empower runners all over the world. In 2015, we turned our dream into a reality, taking Impact Marathon to Nepal. Living in a Nepali village, we undertook the challenge of building a 5km water pipeline to the community, before lacing up our shoes and running our own race - it was then we realised we have the power to change people’s lives forever.

When the United Nations announced the 17 Global Goals in 2015, we were just starting up Impact Marathon. We looked at these Goals - the future of the planet - and were inspired by one key concept;how do you make these understandable and relatable to an individual?

What does ‘No Poverty’ mean in a Malawian fishing village? What does Gender Equality look like in Kathmandu, Nepal? To us, the Goals are huge and depict the challenge of our generation. To some, they are immeasurable and vague. To others, they are completely alien.

Throughout the Impact process, from the organisations we choose to support, to the way we engage and interact with the projects and the communities, our goal is to take the impalpable and make it real. To take our runners on a journey where they can find out what Impact really means - the direct Impact we can create, as well as how our lives indirectly have an impact that creates ripples across the world. To take a runner and make them an Impact Runner.

Over the last eight years, we have built a reputation for creating entirely unique events, which have taken us deep into the culture of some incredible countries. Impact Runners have united over a shared passion to explore new trails and a hunger to make a difference to the lives of others.

Since then, our races have raised over $1.3m for grassroots organisations, tackling The Global Goals in their community. The beauty of this statistic lies not in its size, but in its power. Each $ has created an impact, has touched many thousands of lives, and is a vote for a belief that we, as runners, can change the world.

race finish line
man and woman in front of a volcano

"when a group of positive, energised people come together with a common purpose, not only do we achieve great things but we make great friends. We arrive as individuals, and we finish the week as one tight community."


what makes an impact marathon so special?

It’s that combination of travelling to an extraordinary location, engaging in community projects that are led by the community and set to catalyse huge change whilst also knowing that you are going to be running a race that will challenge you to dig deeper than you have ever dug.

But the glue that brings all this together is the incredible groups of Impact Runners that we have the privilege to host. When a group of positive, energised humans come together with a common purpose, not only do we achieve great things but we make great friends. We arrive as a whole load of individuals, and we finish the week as one tight community who have gone on a powerful journey together.

In eight years, Impact Marathon has grown considerably, with races across the world, a successful white-label department, and a community of over 5000 runners who have joined our events, many of whom are already on their 3rd, 4th...even 5th event with us.


nick kershaw

Nick is the energetic leader of the dream and revels in making a vision into a reality - bringing people together through the power of running.

In 2015, Nick left his job in finance, placed all his possessions in two bags, and set on his way to create Impact Marathons around the world. He is deeply passionate about almost everything, and he brings his relentless energy to every meeting, every race, every taxi journey...everything. He built Impact Marathon starting from zero, and has had to do the same again as we emerge for the pandemic. He lives, and breathes 'the power of running' but is inspired by every single Impact Runner, every single charity partner, every single team member who give so much to those around them.


impact marathon

matt fenton

Matt brings a wealth of experience that covers the impact, business and travel worlds through his 15 years of building travel organisations.

Matt has been beside Nick since the creation of the Impact dream and remains his first port of call for all the big decisions Frequently found all over Latin America he has worked to build several successful social enterprise travel companies that take people out of their comfort zone to developing countries around the world to volunteer and experience new destinations and cultures. He has a brilliant strategic mind and is set on building key partnerships across the world.

sophie power
pablo jelkman

Pablo turned up at our inaugural race in Guatemala as a last minute photographer, and amazed the entire team with his energy, his ability to network, and his passion for the Impact vision.

He has become an ever-present at every single race in Guatemala - sometimes even pulling strings from afar as he weaves his magical connections. In 2023, he took at step-up to being a full time member of the team, covering our sponsorship opportunities. Initially his work has been focused on Guatemala - but that is soon to shift as he becomes a global leader for Team Impact.

liza kershaw

Liza first heard about Impact Marathon whilst working as the fundraising director for our partner charity in Guatemala - SERES.

In 2021, Liza transitioned to running her own branding studio - Impact Marathon became a client, shortly followed by Nick becoming her husband. Liza handles all the content strategy and Impact Runner communications - she is the person most runners know best before they land in-country!


the nepali team

Nepal was the first race we created and therefore holds a deeply special place in all our hearts.

urgen lama

urgen lama

Urgen is one of the most influential operators in the development of children across Nepal. An instant connector, he is working to bring the many charities of the country together to maximise each one's effectiveness. Always creative, imaginative, good natured and, well, late! It is fair to say that you haven't truly visited Nepal until you've eaten one of his homemade Momos - and you won't be able to stop at just one...

craig wilson

craig wilson

Every race has it's champion - and Wilson is the one for Nepal. Having come to the Nepal race in 2018 as a runner, he then joined us once more in Guatemala. He has a unique blend of charisma, energy, and efficiency. One word of warning, if you are walking anywhere in Batase with him, you'll need to add a few extra minutes as he is loved throughout the village.

sujan tamang

sujan tamang

Sujan drives changes. He is a phenomenal leader in Batase community. He is the President of the school, farms his smallholding, runs the operations for a busy trekking business, can get from the village to Kathmandu and back in record time, and all whilst actively raising his young family. Simply put, great leaders drive change, that's why we find and work with people like Sujan. Long after the international runners head home, Sujan is continuing to make waves in his community.

the jordanian team

hollie richmond

hollie richmond

Hollie joined Impact Marathon after a random meeting on the tarmac of Lilongwe Airport, Malawi. She has since been on the team in Guatemala, Nepal, and Jordan. In 2023, she will be stepping up a level in her role. With a indomitable Liverpudlian spirit, she is a checkpoint queen, and a force to be reckoned with

hammad hamdam

hammad hamdam

There are few more experienced desert marathon directors in the world. A veteran of Ultra X and 4 Deserts events, he can map out routes without a second thought across Wadi Rum. His team know every shortcut, every awesome vista, every shaded spot of a checkpoint...and ensure the route is supremely well-marked throughout. You'll hate him halfway around the race, but you'll love him at the finish line!

mark maughan

mark maughan

Joining us from the team that created the Sierra Leone Marathon, this man is a veritable expert at delivering marathons in extraordinary and challenging places.

With a bucket load of marathon planning experience, Mark is passionate about traveling, exploring and running. Ever communicative, professional and a demon negotiator, he handles any curveball with consummate ease and an ever present smile, and always has a spare Sunderland shirt to sweeten the deal!

the guatemalan team

alma quilo

alma quilo

We love Alma! We first met here back in year 1! She helped us translate in our very first year and then she just fell in love with our vision. Alma has been leading the Impact Runner Development Fund in Guatemala (you will hear more about this soon) and her sixth year as part of our core team in country. Adding to this, she has driven a new sports project alongside our partners, SERES, to see running as a tool to development young leaders, She's a full Impact Runner, an agroforestry engineer, and one of the most incredible humans we've ever come across!

dave melody

dave melody

The idea of a Guatemala race happening without Dave is frankly, unthinkable. He has been to all but our inaugural event, initially as a runner but transitioning into the team as simply couldn't face running our toughest race again!

Dave is loved by the international runners, and Guatemaltecos alike. His organisational skills are second to know, his love for Guatemala is felt deeply by all who meet him, and his care for each and every Impact Runner is what makes the Impact Week so utterly special for all who join.

dave melody and lucia solorzano from impact marathon and SERES standing infront of a live volcano
Megan Mason from Impact Marathon laughinh
Alma Quilo part of team Impact standing in front of Pacaya volcano in Guatemala
Impact Marathon team