ChatGPT wrote a poem about our run in Guatemala...

It was late. I was about miss the deadline, nothing I wrote was clicking. It was time to test out what ChatGPT knows about volcanoes, trail running, and Guatemala.

Each morning, at Impact HQ, we have a whiteboard session. We discuss each task, prioritise them, agree upon how much time to dedicate to each, and then we write them on that board. This is a contract, non-negotiable. 

Today, after a long time away, we committed to bringing back our weekly Impact Blog. Yet, as the saying sort of goes, absence makes the brain grow blanker...

I stared, I started, I stopped, I deleted. I stared again.

There was nothing for it, the sun had set, dinner had been eaten - yet nothing interesting was falling from my fingertips.

At the end of my tether, and minutes from missing my contract deadline...I opened up the tool of the moment, the viral hit for bloggers, marketers, and anyone who wants to attempt to bamboozle an AI (Artificial Intelligence) chat bot.

But what shall we write about? We are about to run in Guatemala once more, on potentially the finest trail race route we have ever created. 

I decided to test if ChatGPT could possibly describe the other worldly experience of running on an active volcano...

As I stand at the base of the volcano's fire,

I feel my heart start to race with desire.

To run on the live volcano's fiery crest,I

s an adventure that I cannot resist.

The heat of the mountain, 

it warms my skin,

As I begin to run, 

I feel my heart begin.

To beat with the rhythm of the volcano's roar,

And I know that I'm alive, that I'm living once more.

The ash and the smoke, they swirl around me,

But I keep on running, I'm free.

With every step, I feel more alive,

And I know that I'm exactly where I need to thrive.

The volcano's fire, it's a sight to behold,

And I'm running through it, so bold.

It's a feeling that words cannot express,

This sense of awe and beauty, it's a true success.

So here I am, running on a live volcano,

And I'm feeling alive, I'm feeling like a true hero.

For the beauty and power, it's something so rare,

And I'm grateful for the experience, it's something to share.

So come and run, on this volcano so grand,

And feel the fire, that it has in your hand.

For the beauty and power, it's something you'll never forget,

This run on a live volcano, it's truly one of a set.

There is so much here that genuinely brings our race on Pacaya Volcano to life - I cannot quite believe the accuracy of the poem at times. Not least of which is that the race is one of a set, our set, our special set of races created to unleash the power of running to change the world. 

And we are just weeks away from our first event in the 2023 Race Calendar: the 6th Guatemala Impact Marathon!

How do you think ChatGPT did? 

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