the impact experience

a unique blend of impactful projects, majestic travel, and outstanding running events to change the world through the power of running

Creating experiences is an art. We are obsessive on creating an experience that is the most important and powerful week of your life. We will bring The Global Goals to life in a way you won't have seen before. We will push the boundaries of how you view the world. And we will share some of world's most amazing trails with you. We obsess on every detail, you just need to bring your positive, game changing energy!

guatemala impact marathon

Our Guatemala journey began in 2015 and fast became our most iconic route.

The experience of running up an active volcano, and through the surreal landscapes of a 4km wide lava field have no comparison. But it is not just the route that makes this race so popular - Guatemala is full of surprises. Our local project partners are immensely passionate visionaries who we love to support. They bring the country to life in a totally unique way, and it draws you back time and time again.


nepal impact marathon

The OG Impact Marathon - the race that started it all.

We have been in love with this race since the very first recce mission to scope out if we could make it happen. This is a trail running mecca, with the Himalayas looming large above you, the village energy all around you, and beautiful flowing trails beneath your feet. This is THE epitome of what we stand for - deeply connecting with a community, catalysing change, and running outstanding trails.


jordan impact marathon

Our newest race, and one that sold out within days of launch.

Jordan is a country that many know, few get to understand. Blending the immense power of natural agriculture to solve the deeply challenging water levels, with the historic magnificence of Petra, and the Dead Sea. The climax of the week is 3 days, fully off-grid in the southern tip of Wadi Rum where we stay in a Bedouin camp before running through the remote sands right next to the Saudi Arabian border.

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