Impact Marathon Series

Run a marathon, change lives

Unleash the power of running


How do Impact Marathons change the world?

A life-changing week

Impact Marathon is no ordinary race. It’s a chance to experience a country in a totally unique way, with fellow runners from all across the globe. You’ll spend a week living in one of our communities, each day learning something new about the country and its culture. You’ll make memories and friends for life. And somewhere along the way, you’ll run a marathon too.

Stunning Trail Runs

Whether you choose to run the 10km, 21km or 42km distance, we guarantee an experience like no other. Running alongside hundreds of local runners, we have designed incredible courses that tell the story of a nation - a nation you’ve just spent a week helping. This is much more a victory lap than a race. And believe us, we celebrate that victory together when you cross the finish line.

Empowered Community

We work with extraordinary organisations whose primary focus is tackling the biggest issues in each country. During your week with us, you will be engaging in projects led and created by the community, with each one specifically chosen to help take that country one step closer to achieving its Global Goals.

$1.2m Fundraised...and counting

What makes Impact Marathon different, is that you have the opportunity to visit and work within the projects and communities you fundraise for, seeing firsthand the difference your contribution has made and will continue to make to the lives of others. You will return home with such a sense of accomplishment and empowerment, already looking for ways to do more.

Local Runners

March 5 - 6 2022

NOW $64.17

WAS $85.56/pp

Guatemala x Impact Marathon 2022

Una carrera de Guatemaltecos, para Guatemaltecos. Lo mejor de Impact Marathon convertido en una celebración única en el Pacaya.

April 29 - May 2 2022

United Kingdom
FROM $135.47/pp

DEPOSIT $122.99

Scotland x Impact Marathon 2022

Running together with others, for others, for our planet

September 23 - 24 2022

FROM $178.25/pp

DEPOSIT $178.25

Jordan x Impact Marathon

Run for The Global Goals at our inaugural race in the Middle East

Running together. With others, for others

Global Runners

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March 1 - 7 2022

FROM $991.07/pp

DEPOSIT $247.77

Run the Live Volcano

Sculpt the young leaders of a nation and run our most iconic course

May 16 - 22 2022


FROM $1,561.47/pp

DEPOSIT $390.37

Run with the Legends

The most powerful way to experience Kenya: an immersive week spent supporting women's empowerment and learning from the elite runners.

September 19 - 25 2022

FROM $991.07/pp

DEPOSIT $247.77

Run the Ancient Desert

Join us on the sandy dunes of Jordan for our first ever (desert) race.

November 14 - 20 2022

FROM $991.07/pp

DEPOSIT $247.77

Run the Himalayas

The original Impact Marathon race - there’s a reason why this race keeps returning year after year.