the world's first race series created to tackle the Global Goals through the power of running

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The race series where your impact, your energy, and your experience are more important than your time. 

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how do we change the world?

you are not about to have a normal week.

When you join an Impact Marathon you are undertaking an utterly unique experience where you will travel to a country you may have never visited before, with people you have never met before, to support communities you have never been to before.And of course... run the most extraordinary race you have ever run before.


01 a life-changing week

02 stunning trail runs

03 empowered community

04 powerful fundraising

01 a life-changing week

Firstly, we are not just a race, but a one-week immersion that takes you far from all you've known, shows you the world in a new way, and surrounds you with the best people you have ever met!

You see, an Impact Marathon is no ordinary race. You’ll spend a week living in one of our communities, each day learning something new about the country, and its culture. You’ll make memories and friends for life. And somewhere along the way, you’ll run realise you ran marathon.

All our events are capped at 30 international Impact Runners to ensure the most intimate, personal, and powerful experience possible.

02 stunning trail runs

Whether you choose to run the 10km, 21km or 42km distance, we guarantee an experience like no other. Running alongside hundreds of local runners, we have designed incredible courses that tell the story of a nation - a nation you’ve just spent a week helping. Our routes are challenging, but spectacular: from an active volcano in Central America, to the remarkable villages that scatter through the foothills of the Himalayas, to an ancient desert with 12,000 years of human history in the Middle East.

We create routes that draw you in, then stay with you forever. This is much more a victory lap than a race. And believe us, we celebrate that victory together when you cross the finish line.

03 empowered community

We work with extraordinary organisations whose primary focus is tackling the biggest issues in each country. During your week with us, you will be engaging in projects led and created by the community, with each one specifically chosen to help take that country one step closer to achieving its Global Goals.

This is our core; this is our soul. You will walk away having seen, felt, and understood your ability to make a difference in the lives of others. By placing our week in the hands of the community leaders we push beyond any experience you've had before.

What's more, all week, you'll be surrounded by a community of like-minded runners who will unlock the best version of you!

04 powerful fundraising

The impact we have is the most essential element of any of our races - this is what makes us unique. During your time in-country, you get the chance to visit, learn from, and support the exact projects that your fundraising is supporting. As Impact Runners, we listen, we learn, we engage, and we truly understand the impact we, as individuals, can have in the world.

Each $ raised has a story to tell - a story that needs to be heard. Connecting you with that story is what drives us to create events.You will see firsthand the difference your contribution has made and will continue to make to the lives of others.

You will return home with such a sense of accomplishment and empowerment, already looking for ways to do more.

woman working in a community project in Nepal
trail running active volcano Pacaya Guatemala
Sophie Power  from SheRaces and Anna Harding from  the Running Channel
Woman engaging with a young leader in a community project in Guatemala


When we look for race locations, we ask one question before any others...

Will our event truly make a positive impact in this community?

When we can answer that question with an unequivocal 'YES'...we open up registrations for you.

woman running in the Himalayas in Nepal

nepal 2024

  • run through villages nestled in foothills of the Himalayas...
  • live in our remote, rural, and spectacular pop-up Athletes' Village
  • bring clean water to the ten schools in our community

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woman running in the desert of Wadi Rum Jordan

jordan 2024

  • run through an iconic Middle Eastern desert
  • live in our Bedouin campsite deep in the heart of Wadi Rum
  • work in partnership with Invictus Games Foundation

Learn more
everest base camp trekking

everest base camp x street child

  • take on the greatest trek in the world through the Himalayas
  • project visits & workshops with Street Child of Nepal
  • bringing all the impact marathon values, and energy to a non-running challenge

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woman running alongside Pacaya volcano in Guatemala


  • run up across moonscape lava fields, and up an active volcano
  • live in a UNESCO World Heritage town surrounded by volcanoes
  • catalyse the development of young leaders changing their communities

coming soon

race calendar

man running in the Himalayas in nepal

  • 18 - 24 november 2024
  • run the himalayas
  • 10km, 21km, & 42km distances available
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  • 25 nov - 1 dec 2024
  • run the ancient desert
  • 10km, 21km, & 42km distances available
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  • 10 - 24 nov 2024
  • the greatest trek in the world
  • project visits & workshops with Street Child of Nepal
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    what our impact
    runners are saying

    Nick Butter, jordan impact marathon

    "Impact Marathons are so much more than races! Not only is the charity work so unique and hand on, but the events are full of the best kind of energy... The whole family at Impact are brilliant. It’s good people, doing good stuff, and hosting fantastic events".

    James, 4 x impact marathons

    "I’ve done 4 Impacts now and loved every single one. The energy of the weeks, the positivity and sense of accomplishment I get post run is second to none. I have met some truly incredible people from all over the globe who remain some of my closest friends. I love it".

    Gareth, nepal impact marathon

    "Thank you and the team for an amazing and inspiring experience. It was a truly wonderful time in an awesome location with lots of very nice people! Thank you! You are very impressive and your passion and leadership shone through the week. Your efforts are definitely making a positive impact to a huge number of people's lives".

    Adrian, ethiopia compassion overseas challenge

    "Would love to do another Impact Marathon event, great fun, meticulous planning, and great people". 

    David, nepal impact marathon

    "Thank you for an awesome week, I really enjoyed my short time with you guys and you should be incredibly proud of what you've built with Impact. I would love to do more with you guys again in the near future. Thanks again for the week". 

    our partners

    Invictus Games Foundation
    Compassion UK
    Street Child