These are the guys who will take on the challenge of telling the story of an Impact Week to followers across the globe. From the individuals that drive change from a grassroots level, to capturing the beauty of our surrounds, to the behind the scenes mayhem with the team.

As Impact Marathons grow we learn…

Our focus for the last 4 years has been building and creating the most powerful and adventurous running events in the world.

 And it has been an amazing process to be part of. We've built a blueprint to operationally deliver events in some extraordinarily challenging locations and we will continue to roll out new races in the future.

But, in our focus for delivering, we have not always been the best at sharing our story, the Impact Runners stories and the stories of the communities in which we work.

As we approach Nepal Impact 2019, we are now excited to unveil an entirely new 'department' within Team Impact - The Stories Team.

These are the guys who will take on the challenge of telling the story of an Impact Week to followers across the globe. From the individuals that drive change from a grassroots level, to capturing the beauty of our surroundings, to the behind the scenes mayhem with the team.


Having followed the Impact Journey since before the first race was launched, it is incredible to finally be able to make the dates for Nepal work. I loved my experience in Malawi so much, but this time, being able to work with the team in sharing their vision will take the trip to a whole new level"

If you are a runner on Instagram you will almost certainly have seen, heard or inadvertently double tapped upon Charlie Watson. Joining us for her 2nd Impact Marathon, having taken on the challenge of our inaugural Malawi Impact last year.

 Charlie's love for Impact, energy throughout the week and genuine care for her followers came through so vibrantly in Malawi that we can't wait to see how she will bring Nepal to life as she manages the Impact Instagram account throughout the week. Don't just expect the front-facing content, Charlie will be covering the intense behind-the-scenes action as well, to give everyone at home a real insight into what makes this such a powerful adventure.


Shot by Adam Dickens

                                                                                                                                               TANYA RAAB

"Excited doesn’t cover it when it comes to being in the mountains, running free and documenting the work that’s being done and the fun that’s being had, through my lens.” 

When you need a photographer to get to the depths of Shivapuri Park and back again, without breaking a sweat and capturing epic trail shots - you call Tanya. Possibly the best trail runner in all of Team Impact (this sentence may very well spark some fierce debates backed up by Strava screenshots thrown around our team WhatsApp), Tanya understands the sport, obsesses over the sport and knows exactly how to bring a race to life.

This will be Tanya's 2nd Impact Marathon having previously joined us at Kenya Impact 2018 and capturing the most dramatic day in Impact history. But from our first contact there's been one country that has come up in nearly every conversation: Nepal.


Shot by David Altabev

                                                                                                                                                      SAN PANDEY - VIDEOGRAPHER

“I was always an introverted person. Nepal Impact allowed me to open up. Now I have made friends from different nations. I just came to film a video instead I became a real part of the Impact Week and was able to create my own impact. Since the local people are part of the project they tend to take care of it long after the Impact crew goes away which make it so much more special.”

Joining us at his 3rd Nepal Impact race, San is our Kathmandu based videographer who turned up thinking he was filming a race only to find out he was covering so much more. Immediately gripped by the energy of the race he has since come up with more and more creative ways to tell the story of the Impact Experience. His love of Nepal comes through in his interactions with the runners and he does a brilliant job of becoming part of the experience and not simply pointing his lens upon it.


Shot by Adam Dickens

                                                                                                                                                   HOLLIE RICHMOND

“Nepal is going to be a whole new experience for me and I couldn’t be more excited. I cannot wait to spend my time with a group of people who all share the same passion and cannot wait to see what we can bring to the community.

”When Hollie booked a flight to Malawi this year, she didn't expect to meet the Founder of Impact Marathons getting off onto the tarmac at Lilongwe Airport. She didn't have a clue what an Impact Marathon was and the thought of going on a run, and of enjoying that experience, was simply not there. A keen hiker, adventurer and traveller it just so happened that her time volunteering in Malawi crossed over the Impact Marathon period and the next thing you know, she was addicted.

As every story-teller has a unique viewpoint and ways to tell their story this team will have a different set-up at each race throughout the year. So if you are a story-teller through any medium be it video, words, photography or perhaps conceptual dance…please do reach out!


So expect to be brought right into the stories of Nepal over the course of our time there. Make sure you are following our Instagram account for the majority of out content.