One of the most incredible experiences of my life. Extremely well planned and organized, the team was unbelievable. Recommending IMS to all I come across. Feeling fortunate to have experienced my first but not last IMS.
— Valeria, Guatemala Impact Runner, 2018
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42km - The Beast of Pacaya

There are some courses, that when you run them, they touch your life forever. This route is absolutely one of them.

With 2000m climbing up to 2400m altitude to the crater of an active volcano, where you feel the rumble of the earth beneath your feet and the deep black lava rocks.

From the volcano, you will then head down to the southern lava field and take on kilometre after kilometre that can best be described as ‘running on the moon’.

21km - I ‘Lava’ This Race

Taking on the Southern lava field will push you to dig deep inside yourself. Barren. Hot. Windy. Raw.

It is completely unique. You’ll head for a downhill start winding through fincas and then into our moonscape world with the piping volcano up high above you to your left.

It is an out an back course so what goes down, must come back up - so get ready for a simply amazing, challenging second half - and keep yourself distracted by the admiring the power of Mother Nature that you will see all around you.


10km - I ‘Finca’ That’s Enough

The ever fiendish Impact Marathon 10km route will give you the best of the our race experience.

Our most popular distance with our Guatemalteco runners - it is a wonderful entry to the world of Impact Running and trail running.

You’ll take on the Finca Descent before reaching the edge of the Southern Lava Field - and turning back to take on what we have called the Finca Ascent. We are an imaginative bunch!