SheRaces Policy

At Impact Marathon, we aim to provide an entire event experience that is inclusive, accesible, and welcoming to all. Our first value is Empower Everyone, it is this value, that directs all our decisions and inspires us to constantly question our practices, policies and purpose. We are excited to be backing SheRaces, and, although much of what is written below has been the uncodified reality of our races, it has been a valuable and important process to formalise our Impact Marathon SheRaces Policy. 

Our international events have a proud history of equality in men and women Impact Runners. We hope that, in presenting our policies here, we will continue to see at least equal representation, potentially more. 

Our local attendees do not match this percentage, and as the trail running market develops in each of our locations, we aim to be at the forefront of inclusivity and accessibility to our events. 

Level the Start Line

Inclusive Imagery

 Across our website, social media, blogs, and images we make available to press partners we will include a range of Impact Runner images. This includes sharing photos of first-time runners, back markers, front runners ensuring that we are representing all ages, shapes and colours in our organisational communications. All our photographers and videographers are fully briefed on this goal to guide their storytelling.  

Inclusive Copywriting

Our blog and post-race write-ups will be written equally by men and women.

Race Descriptions 

Although our races are traditionally among the toughest in the world, we are undertaking the process of making the language and information around our routes more inclusive and accessible. We will include more specific information about our routes as early as we can. We will continue to encourage runners to focus on the experience and not the time. 

Celebrate Every Finisher

 All Impact Marathon finishers will run through our hand-stitched finishing line to enjoy their moment, no matter their time or position.  

Generous cut-offs

Historically, we have had a generous finishing time rather than en-route cut-offs. In recent times, we have introduced checkpoint cut-offs where we deem the conditions to be potentially hazardous. These are as generous as possible and come as late on the course as feasible. We are undertaking an analysis of our routes against historical data from our runners to ensure that our cut-off times do not exclude those who have more even pacing through the full race distance. 


We will be informing runners of all the logistics around our events 6 months in advance where possible. This will include a series of automated emails, at least two team Zoom calls (one for prospective runners, and another for registered runners), and a booking system for 1-2-1 calls. Our Instagram and info@ account is staffed by women and we welcome all questions, worries and comments. 

Fair deferral policies 

 No women will be penalised for having a child. Any woman can defer their place at an Impact Marathon until they are fit, healthy and ready. Pregnancy deferrals last for the next two years of the chosen Impact Marathon.  

Equal The Experience


Impact Marathons are often in remote locations, making our toilets provision particularly challenging. At the start lines, we will ensure appropriate toilet facilities with clearly marked separate toilets for women. At aid stations without toilet facilities, our leaders will have assessed appropriate areas to recommend to women. Safe, out of site and with provisions. We will also ensure sanitary products are available at all our official checkpoint aid stations.  


Our distance wave starts will remain in place to make for a less crowded and safer beginning to our events. Where possible, we aim to have enough female volunteers to ensure representation at every aid station. Due to the locations in which we operate, we will also be ensuring a male presence on every aid station for the security of our volunteer teams.  

As part of the ‘Duty of Care’ section of our race briefings, we will cover on-course etiquette – this includes information how to pass runners from behind, the rules on inappropriate language and a reminder of the values of Impact Marathons.  


With our Green World Policy we are no longer offering free tees at any of our races. Tees are an optional purchase. This enables us to ensure high quality fabrics, design, and appropriate sizing for both male and female bodies. 

Breastfeeding athletes

If any runner needs to breastfeed at an Impact Marathon, we will be available to discuss and plan their needs out on the course. We have no rules on ‘Outside Help’ and, due to the uncompetitive nature of our events, we can be flexible.  

Respect Our Competition

Equal Coverage

All our post-race write-ups, press releases and discussions will make equal reference to the results of both the women's and the men's race. Although we do not publish times and results (part of our ‘treasure every step’ value), but where we do discuss the fastest on the course, we will ensure equal representation.  


 We do not offer prize money, but we do share small mementos that are identical for both male and female podium positions.