Wadi Rum, Jordan

Jordan Impact Marathon 2024

Join us on the sandy dunes of Jordan for iconic desert race



The only desert race in our series, and we have an absolute beauty in store. The magic of Wadi Rum cannot be justified in words or pictures, it simply has to be experienced. We cannot wait to welcome you to this ancient desert that has already become an iconic backdrop to our Series.


01 Petra

02 Rural Jordan

03 Run in Rum

04 Deep Impact

05 Bedouin Athletes' Village

01 Petra

We couldn’t come to Jordan and not build in a visit to Petra – one of the 7 New Wonders of the World Expect plenty of walking and plenty lifting your chin off the floor.

02 Rural Jordan

Impact Weeks are all about the untold stories, the places you would never be able to visit any other way. In our first two days, you will experience exactly that, staying in a village deep in the Dead Sea Valley, rising with the sun and learning how life can flourish despite the intense heat.

03 Run in Rum

The most magical running experience of your life. Your race will transition from the running underneath the magnificent stars that shine like no other place on earth, through the deep red sunrise until the sun is beaming down. That final stretch will test you to your limits, but it will be absolutely worth fight.

04 Deep Impact

We will be focused on the biggest issue the country faces: water scarcity. Jordan is one of the world’s most water scarce countries and with a growing population, due to their open door policy to refugees from neighbouring countries, the challenge gets greater by the day. When we blend the experience and knowledge of our partners, with our goal to find the small changes with exponential impact, we can begin to find ways to tackle the biggest problems.

05 Bedouin Athletes' Village

Some things cannot be explained, only experienced. From the golden hour as the sunsets and the greatest star show on earth, to the dancing colours of sunrise. This is a truly beauty village, built but nature herself. You'll be warm inside our Bedouin goat hair tents, with all the wonderful Jordanian food that you need to fuel your race day efforts.


Race Routes

42K - The Beast of Wadi Rum

42K - The Beast of Wadi Rum

reaking with Impact tradition, we have created one magical loop for the 42km runners...We start just after first light. As you find your rhythm, the colours around you will gently change as the sun rises behind the iconic desert mountains. By the time the sun has risen, you will be fully into your race and into the softer section of sand that will surely make this race one of the hardest of your life. The seclusion of our race route is unparalleled as your skirt along the border to Saudi Arabia you will entirely surrounded by the tall mountains, and deep sand, of the Wadi Rum Desert. 

You will be pushed to your limit, you will feel like you can't go on. But when you dig deep, when you keep moving you will earn the right to proudly say you conquered The Beast Of Wadi Rum

21K -Half Marathon

21K -Half Marathon

An utterly unique opportunity to run through the magical beauty of the simply incredible Wadi Rum Protected Area. You will jeep-ed out into the middle of the desert, to our first-ever starting arch made out of milennia old rock. You will begin as the 42km runners approach and you will all run together, with others, for others. 

It’s not the classic hills that Impact Marathons are known for, but it is going to be hot and sandy as you make your way towards the horizon that rolls out in front of you for the entire distance. 

10K - Starter Route

10K - Starter Route

A 10km race that feels so much further! This is a serious test for any runner. You will begin as the heat is starting to build, you will begin as the 42km & 21km runners approach, you will begin in the deepest sandy section. 

The routes have all collided by this point as you all make your ways to the 7 Pillars of Wisdom Mountain, to finish in it’s shadow! If you are not a runner, we invite you to hike this course.


The Bedouin culture, the Dead Sea, our pop-up Athletes' Village in the middle of the desert; this will be a full, immersive and completely unique way to visit this remarkable country.

Day 1 - Monday 25th November


We’ll be meeting in the capital city of Amman, where we will be staying the first night of our experience. You’ll join us at our partner hotel as we prepare for the week ahead. Here you’ll get to know your fellow travellers whilst enjoying an evening of amazing Jordanian food and start learning more of what you'll be experiencing this week. A relaxed evening, as we are about to ramp things up for the next few days.

There are three sides to Jordan that we will be sharing with you this week. We are kicking off in Downtown Amman. We believe that understanding your impact is all about context - the history of this complex region. The story of refugees in Jordan. The story of water in Jordan. And, most importantly, the empowering stories of the solutions that are already out there for the challenges faced by each community.

Greening The Desert

The GTD project is one of the most deeply interesting, impactful, and inspiring projects we have ever gotten to work with. We' rarely come across projects that touch so many of the Global Goals - from Life on Land to Sustainable Cities and Communities to Gender Equality - and so many more. It’s a small idea with huge impact in such a water scarce country. 

We will spend the day with an extraordinary group of people who have pioneered the concept of Permaculture to a point where their optimism for the future of our world, rooted in all they have learnt, shines forth from every single conversation. This is truly unreal, and to be experienced to be believed.

From here, we head south to Wadi Musa for the night.

We had to. It’s not the normal Impact thing to do. But we just had to. 

This is the third side to Jordan - one seen by tourists and adored by all. But we are going to do it in a bit of a unique way. So, set your alarm clocks!

As we pass Petra along the way to the desert, why not stop and tour one of the 7 New Wonders of the World.

Get ready for a truly remarkable experience. 

Once our time in Petra closes, we will be heading down to the desert, onto our pickup trucks and, as the sun sets on Wadi Rum, arriving into our remote Bedouin Camp. 

You have a big day tomorrow so today it's time to unwind. We will have a couple of workshops in the morning and there are extra activities around the desert you can add-on at an extra cost. From 4x4 tours of the best Wadi Rum sights, to climbing - we will let you know a list of options. Of course, putting your feet up and relaxing at the Athletes’ Village is still very much an option.

The moment has come - race day. We’ll head to the startline together and run as a community in what will be one of the most magical experiences. Get ready for stunning trails and a remarkable finish line moment, as you take the final steps of the hardest race of your life. And at that finish line, we’ll have a huge welcome home for you. Party into the night, you deserve it...


The race is over and you'll have the usual aches and pains to remind you. To take your mind off it we have organised some incredible Bolt-On Adventures that show you the very best that Jordan has to offer. Alternatively, and reluctantly, we will let you return home and transfers to the airport are included!

What's Included

Transport (excluding airport)
Race Entry
Race Shirt & Stash
Project Visits
Petra Guide
Travel Insurance & Visa
Alcohol, Snacks & Refreshments
Airport Transfers
Jordan Pass



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I’ve been involved with Impact Marathon since 2016 - it combines my love of running and adventure with my passion for lasting social impact. I’ve really loved spending time this week with the projects we’ll be supporting.


The race/running aspect is like a celebratory lap at the end of the trip which is a brilliant way to bring everyone together! ⁣ It’s not like any normal race, in a unique environment and running through sand is not easy


Disconnect and appreciate the simple things in life👌🏼 This was very much accomplished these last few days in the beautiful Wadi Rum/Jordan! 🌵


If you’ve ever considered doing a desert ultra then decided you didn’t like sand/heat enough to run in it for multiple days in a row (just me? 🤷🏻‍♀️) then this is the race for you!

The Impact

The Impact

In Jordan, we have partnered up directly with charities, and co-operatives that create an impact in the community. We stay at Jordanian owned accommodation, we select restaurants with powerful social stories, we create hand-made medals that employ local artisans. There is so much more to creating an impact than just the fundraising and volunteering. That said, we do aim for all our runners to contribute to the fundraising total - you set your own target. Our goal, with our 30 runners, is to see 120 Home Gardens created with £32,000 of fundraising. This is a team target, that we will all reach together!

Greening The Camps

Jordan is the 2nd most water scarce country on earth. Our program in Jordan is all around how to get more from less, and the Rooftop Gardens projects does exactly that. We will be working on and building rooftop gardens in the refugee camps surrounding Amman. These will be used in the community in a ground-breaking new project. The learning starts with the children, who manage the gardens and ensure, with the minimal amount of water possible, we are growing more. The women then are able to sell the excess produce that brings income into the family - it’s here we’ve seen an opportunity to re-invest that and grow the home gardens as a business. We rarely come across projects that touch so many of the Global Goals - from Life on Land to Sustainable Cities and Communities, to Gender Equality - and so many more. It’s a small idea with huge impact in such a water scarce country.


An Impact Marathon is not just a race. It is a life-changing experience. For one week, you will be taken into the Impact Family, meet people from all over the world united in a movement to change the world for the better, through the power of running.

It is advised to book them in the afternoon on Sunday, due to the long bus ride back from the desert.

In depth briefing will take place on the Monday, the first day of the week-long event.

International flights, airport transfer, travel insurance, rest day lunch, Jordan Pass and alcohol/snacks.

Jordan Impact Marathon 2024

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