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Nepal Bolt-Ons

Where to start? From the cultural intensity and spiritual awakening to those darn big moutains, Nepal is a nation that begs to be explored. Our Bolt-Ons are designed to take you away from the tourist gaze and bring out the best experiences available in this storied nation.


Langtang Valley Adventure

8 Days

The Himalayas has so much to offer so where to start? We picked out our favourite region for one reason - isolation. Langtang region is an intimate trekking experience that takes you deep into the heart of the Himalayas. We also love how our trips there are exactly what the region needs as it continues to recover from the 2015 Earthquakes - tourism done well changes lives.

Everest Flight Adventure

90 Minutes

Want to take in the most dramatic views in Nepal but don’t have so much time? Wake up at the crack of dawn to head up above the clouds and see Everest from the skies. This is a dramatic adventure and can be squeezed in before or after our Impact Week. This trip is so popular we have even chartered our own Impact flight in years gone by - and with only 13 others on board, it’s truly intimate.

Kathmandu 1 Day Adventure

1 day

Kathmandu can be a somewhat intimidating experience - busy, bustling, energised, steeped in culture. So we have picked our highlights so you can take in the city from sunrise to sundown. We take you through thousands of years of history in a day that kicks off with sunrise over an ancient Newari city and ends in the present day - in between you will have moved through time.



The Worlds’ Most Famous Trek returns to the Impact Marathon Ultimate Bolt-On line-up for 2019.

Combining the marathon with this extraordinary challenge is not for the faint-hearted…

Are you brave enough to ‘Do The Double’?

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Kenya Bolt-Ons

When writing up your Bucket List - it is not long before that magical phrase ‘Go On A Safari’ comes up….

So…that’s exactly what you must do and we have a package for any budget and timeframe

Ultimate Nairobi Adventure

1 day

We have spent many months living in this awesome city - so we decided to cram all our favourite activities into one insanely busy and fun day. From meeting Giraffes, to one of the world’s best restaurants…to an afternoon on safari - you will sleep well after this! We have smoothly tied it in to Bolt-On either just before or just after your Impact Week

Masai Mara Adventure

4 Days

It is easy to get overwhelmed and overpay for the ultimate safari - no need to word about that right now. The best safari in the world, with enough time to really explore but not so much that it gets repetitive. With enough luxury to take in the East African plains, but not sure much that you have to remortgage your house…oh, and the best guides in Kenya!


Kilimanjaro Adventure

10 days

When a marathon just isn’t enough. It’s time to head up a little bit higher and take on the most famous trek in the world. Stand atop the rooftop of Africa, see the curvature of the earth and feel unstoppable as you conquer all before. This varied and fabled climb is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will cap off the perfect trip to East Africa.

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Guatemala Bolt-Ons

One of our favourite things about our Guatemala experience is that this country totally blows away everyone who is visiting for the first time. From the moment you look down as you come into land you will find the beauty utterly mesmerising and the more you explore, the better it becomes. From Mayan ruins, to a 85,000 year old crater lake, to the active volcano treks there is something for everyone.


Acatenango Volcano Adventure

2 days

Climb up 3000m+ into the sky and camp out above the active crater of Fuego Volcano, this is undoubtedly one of the most surreal adventures we offer and when you open that tent as the sunrises…well…prepare to see your jaw permanently scraping the ground.


Tikal Adventure

2 days

The history of Guatemala is steeped in Mayan culture and this is the most immersive way imaginable to explore this history. The largest Mayan ruins in the world take a bit of work to get to as you head through the dense Guatemalan rainforest, but the results is worth effort.


Tikal & Lake Atitlan Adventure

5 days

Everything in the box to the left…

And so much more, the 85,000 year old crater lake may well be the most relaxing place on earth. You cannot think of a more perfect spot to read, yoga, swim, chillout and party if you have the energy…

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Malawi Bolt-Ons

Make no mistake about it, Malawi is spectacular. It is known as the Warm Heart of Africa and it doesn’t take long of you to find out exactly why - it truly is the friendliest nation. It has a bit of everything and whether this is your first time in the region or you are a Southern African aficionado there are some truly unique experiences to be had.

Cape Maclear Adventure

The best way you can recover from your jet lag, whilst exploring Malawi, hanging out with Fish Eagles and meeting your fellow Impact Runners in super informal way. Either that, or lie on a beach reading your book and enjoying some great food and a cold beer.