November 14 - 20 2022 | Nepal

Run the Himalayas

The original Impact Marathon race - there’s a reason why this race keeps returning year after year.



For 2021, we have a new home but that doesn’t mean your Nepal experience will be any less impactful. On this life-changing trip, we work directly with those changing the future of Nepal, and become part of the community. We run tiny but magical trails, which climb up to 2300m of altitude. We touch the lives of thousands. You will never be the same again.

The Beast of Batase


The Greeks invented the marathon, but Nepal is taking it to the next level. This distance is a brutal battle of man vs nature and will surely be the hardest but most rewarding race of your life. With 2000m of climbing on the trails around Batase, this course is the ultimate test of a runners ability. 

You will be pushed to your limit, you will feel like you can't go on. But when you dig deep, when you keep moving you will earn the right proudly say you conquered The Beast Of Batase.

Mountain Ridge


A unique opportunity to run a simply incredible loop of around Batase village. Make no mistake about it, with over 1000m of climbing this is a course that is for strong runners who can take on these challenging trails.

You will take on the our Savage Summit as well as some technical descents and a thrilling mountain ridge- it is a true test of your running ability.

Starter for Ten


A 10km race that feels so much further! This is a serious test for any runner. With almost 600m of climbing, finishing this race will feel absolutely amazing. Indeed, it has the hardest hill of all our distances. If this is your first running race it truly will be the best. 

Running with and through the Batase community, this is our most popular route. For the fastest runners in Nepal this will be a competitive and thrilling race.

If you are not a runner, we invite you to hike this course.


Immersive Village Life

This is the most intimate village experience we've ever had in Nepal. It’s a long trek into the foothills of the Batase village, but it’s worth it. Oozing peace, tranquility and beauty, this is fast becoming one of our favourite spots to set up camp.

Ultimate Trail Running

There's no doubt that Nepal is the mecca of trail running globally. Technical, challenging, and mountainous but rewarding at the same time. Expect trails that run along spectacular ridge lines, before dropping down into the villages, in an attempt to make the course accessible to all and yet challenging at the same time.

Powerful Impact

For the 5th Nepal experience, we are bringing together all we have learnt to drive a truly powerful narrative and impact throughout the week. From our time in Kathmandu, to our work in Batase, you will see first hand how we can prevent trafficking, support Gender Equality and create real opportunities for the children of Nepal.

Nepali Culture: Nepali Food

Momos, Dal Bhat, Thukpa - these foods may seem unfamiliar to you now, but they will become favourites by the end of our week together. Packed full of flavours and textures, the food in Nepal is full of delicious surprises- we will make sure you have a chance to try everything!


Day 1 - Monday 15 November


We’ll be meeting in the vibrant city of Kathmandu, where we will be staying the first night of our adventure. After your flight arrives in the afternoon, you’ll be whisked to your hotel. Here you’ll get to know your fellow travellers whilst enjoying an evening of amazing Nepali food and start learning more of what you'll be experiencing this week.

Day 2 - Tuesday 16 November


A full day spending time with the projects and people you’ll be supporting, really getting to know them and seeing the difference you have made first hand. This will be a super engaged day, one to question, to learn, to share ideas, to create new concepts that can elevate the organisations we support. Your openness to driving change is what makes this day so special. Once we are done, we will be heading back to the hotel for your final night in a room - the canvas awaits you tomorrow.

Day 3 - Wednesday 17 November

The Ultimate Hike

This is a first for an Impact Marathon. With a hike taking about the same amount of time as a bus, we figured this was the day to take you up to our new home in rural Sindupalchowk via a 6/7 hour hike. You’ll walk through the stunning Shivapuri National Park, pass through the remains of Chisapani village after it was destroyed by the 2015 earthquake, and climb up for panoramic views eventually ending in the home of Nepal Impact, Batase, the village that runs.  A lorry will take your bags on up so you just need a day bag with you…and that first warm rum punch at our pop-up Sunset Bar will make the entire walk worth it.

Day 4 - 18 November

Batase Village

We rise with the sun and head to find out more about the various project plans we have in the community. There will be projects to suit you passions and your skills - from the new school farm to the Early Childhood work, to business plans and more…this is a real insight into rural Nepali life and an experience we are thrilled to finally share with you.

Day 5 Friday 19 November

Village Life

The morning will continue the work from Thursday, and a full immersion into the Batase community. From the magical sunrise, the sounds of a village waking up to excitement of another day working in this beautiful place. We will close out by lunch time, ready for your race briefing as the team goes about planning the next day’s events - and welcoming all the local runners coming up from Kathmandu to join us for a spot of camping and running.

Day 6 Saturday 20 November

Run The Himalayas

The moment has come - race day. We’ll head to the startline together and run as a community in what will be one of the most magical experiences. Get ready for stunning trails and a remarkable finish line moment, as you take the final steps of the hardest race of your life. And at that finish line, we’ll have a huge welcome home for you. Party into the night, you deserve it…

Day 7 Sunday 21 November


The race is over and you'll have the usual aches and pains to remind you. We will be organising a bus back to Kathmandu - so make sure you flights are in the afternoon as this is not a fast journey at all! 

To take your mind off having to return home, we have organised some incredible Bolt-On Adventures that show you the very best that Nepal has to offer. Alternatively, and reluctantly, we will let you return home and transfers to the airport are included!




All in-country transport

Race Entry

Race Shirt & Stash

Shivapuri Park Entry & Guides

Project Visits



Travel Insurance & Visa

Alcohol, Snacks & Refreshments


I’m not terribly good at swearing…having said that...running in the Himalayas was f****** awesome.



Nick Kershaw

Impact Marathon

Nick has been coming to Nepal since shortly after the earthquake in 2015. It was the first race he sculpted for the Impact Marathon Series, and his love for this country can be seen in every detail of the race week. He has travelled far and wide across the country searching out the perfect spots to bring the country to life in a truly unique way. Nick drives the energy all week and can regularly be found skipping through the village pretending he is not in a hurry!


Urgen Lama

Childreach Nepal

Urgen is one of the most influential operators in the development of children across Nepal. An instant connector, he is working to bring the many charities of the country together to maximise each one's effectiveness. Always creative, imaginative, good natured and, well, late! It is fair to say that you haven't truly visited Nepal until you've eaten one of his homemade Momos - and you won't be able to stop at just one...


Dinesh Tamang

Batase Village

If he’s not halfway up Everest, or flying around the backstreets of Kathmandu on his bike, you'll find him tending the fields in his village of Batase. One of the craziest men in Nepal, his energy is hilarious and his ability to make pizza in the most unexpected of places is legendary. Dinesh will be the leader of the week in our host community and his passion for Batase is so clear. He also claims to be an amazing trail runner, but we are yet  to see evidence of this.


Bethany Boll

Impact Marathon

Bethany has been leading Impact events since Malawi 2019 and has thrived under the many varied challenges that are thrown her way. From renovating a derelict hotel in a Malawian fishing village, to directing our volcano race in Guatemala, Bethany is the metronome that keeps all the moving parts in time and on time! This will be her second Nepal Impact week and, as we move to our new community, the new route has been created by her many hours of scouting around the extraordinarily varied trails of Batase village.


Run the Himalayas


November 14 - 20 2022


Bring Your Own Tent


DEPOSIT $247.77

Turn up, pitch up and get stuck in to your Impact experience


Base Camp


DEPOSIT $319.07

Shared tents, very comfortable but far from luxury!


Summit Camp


DEPOSIT $390.37

Perfect for couples & friends, private accommodation


We aim for all our Impact Runners to smash through at least £1000 of fundraising - this is what brings the Impact Week alive and leaves a lasting legacy in the communities we seek to serve… The Impact Marathon Foundation has the goal of catalyzing change and supporting tangible, grassroots organisations with our funds, affirmation and a platform to tell their story In Nepal we have year on year honed our approach to supporting the right charities to tackle the biggest problems. We have blended two very different, small, powerful organisations that tackle Gender Equality from two very different angles to bring the intangible nature of The Global Goals to be relatable, understandable and real for our Impact Runners.

Burns Violence Survivors

With 56k of burns cases a year and only 2 hospital ward dedicated, this is a powerful project that goes right to the heart of Nepali culture. Not only tackling the care, but the prevention - a huge challenge when faced with the task of tackling domestic abuse and the use of acid in such attacks. Since starting the Nepal Impact Marathon we have funded 15 life-saving surgeries for burns victims, and with your support we can really ramp that up this year. This is not an issue that has easy solutions, it’s not a topic that most larger organisations can prioritise, but someone has to. We love the passion and compassion of this tiny team, with tiny overheads. We love how our funds have the tangible impact of genuinely saving lives, one at a time.

Childreach Nepal

We have already begun work installing Childreach programs into the Batase schools. The headmaster and community are fully supporting the plans that are catalysing change in the community. The simple fact is children should be #TaughtNotTrafficked. We love how Childreach have a holistic approach to handling this issue - by sculpting programs inside and outside the classroom. It’s not about just attendance in school, its about engagement in school. The Childreach projects use sports as a tool for development and aim to provide not just technical skills, but support the holistic development of children through sports activities. The programme aims to reduce dropout rates in the schools, to prevent child from being trafficking, indulging in unsafe migration and any other form of child abuse children may face once they drop out of school. It also focuses on bringing equality among the community regardless of gender, race and economic background of the family.


As we build our new race in Batase Village for 2020, we will add the questions here over the months ahead.

November 14 - 20 2022

FROM $991.07/pp

November 14 - 20 2022

FROM $991.07/pp