It takes quite a bit of time, travelling, questioning and learning to find the right Athletes’ Village…and then you just stumble across the most magical locations imaginable. When we found this beauty, saw the Himalayas looping large above us, explored the secret gardens and hideways we fell in love. And you will too.


Whichever accommodation level you choose, you’ll be spending your mornings enjoying yoga as the sun rises over 8000m peaks and your evenings sat around the our fire with all your fellow Impact Runners (with a warm rum punch in your hands!).


Everest Camp

New for 2019!

We have opened up two en-suite rooms within the central building on our campsite. You will enjoy privacy, comfy beds, a touch more insulation and solar powered showers.

You will need a minimum 2 person booking to secure one of these sought after rooms that are the closest thing to ‘luxury in Nepal’ we have ever had on offer…


Summit Camp

For those who want that little bit extra. Just one other roommate here, and when we say room we mean a huge tent, with beds, shelves, seats. We have created your glamping (glamorous camping) to ensure that even if this is your first night under canvas, you will be a few steps closer to heaven. It's simple but it will feel like home, your own cocoon above the clouds.

You will open your tent to the north each morning and take in the wonders of the Himalaya. You have showers and toilets just a few feet from your tent and all bedding is provided - but if you feel the cold, we'd recommend you bring a sleeping bag as it can get pretty chilly at night.


Base Camp

Without doubt our most popular option, this is the party spot!. You'll be sharing with two other badass adventures who will become your best friends and running buddies.

We'll provide a big scout-camp style tent with floor mattresses, bedding and pillows. If you feel the cold, it's advisable to bring a sleeping bag too as it does get pretty chilly at night. Bring lots of warm clothes and you'll be set to enjoy this beautiful spot. Warm showers and toilets await you and more prayer flags than you will know what to do with. 


Bring Your Own Tent

Our entry level option for all those who want privacy but on a budget! Pitch up, set your tent up with possibly the most beautiful view in the world laid out in front of you and…boom! Welcome to your Nepal Impact Marathon. You will have access to toilets, showers, campfires everything. And at night you can retreat to your own personal space, snuggled up…but remember to bring a nice warm sleeping bag for when that sun drops behind the mountains!