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Jordan Impact Marathon 2020 - Run the Desert | Change the World

Run through the Wadi Rum desert as part of the first ever Jordan Impact Marathon. A one week adventure combining social travel, community impact and marathon running, all taking place whilst meeting like-minded runners from across the world.

Nepal experience : reimagined

Nepal Impact Marathon 2020 is an entirely new experience, reimagined and recreated to bring a whole new level of impact to a new community This is Batase Village in Sindupalchowk, this is the village that runs. Each morning, the children wake up and run trails. There is a joy to the running, it's playful, it's exploratory but it's competitive When we saw these children winning our Impact Marathons, we had to find out more. When we visited we ran the best trails of our lives. But we also saw just how big an impact we could have in the community It is the perfect match and the perfect next step for the Nepal Impact Marathon.

Impact Marathons - Adventure Races That Change The World

We unite travel, community action and amazing trail running to empower individuals to become drivers of global change.

Guatemala Impact - The Volcano Marathon 2019

Every year we gather. To run the volcano. Not to beat other runners. Not to beat the volcano.

Nepal Impact - Did We Dream It?

In 2018 we took on Nepal for the 3rd time. And it really was a surreal week.. This is a marathon race that goes so much further than simply trail running in the Himalayas. We spent an entire week, living and working in the community in which we run.

Alex Crockford Tests the Jordan Race Route

Come to JORDAN in June 2020 with me!⁣

The Inaugural Malawi Impact Marathon

The Malawi Impact Marathon saw 170 villagers and runners from all over the globe join together to run this beautiful corner of Malawi. The course winds through villages, along beaches and...most importantly, everyone runs together. With others, for others. We all joined to run for very communities the Naturally Africa Volunteers supports... This wonderful highlight reel from Nick Pin gives a glimpse of the stories that unfolded that day.

Rise Up - The Story Behind Guatemala Impact Marathon

There's this rather strange, unique moment that each Impact Runner feels at some point during their journey with us. It can strike at any time and it changes you. It is not forced by us and it’s not something you planned to happen. This is the moment you realise that the importance of race day has faded away. And what remains is a connection with the power of the human spirit.

Guatemala Impact 101 - Run the Live Volcano

Our first-ever Impact Marathon webinar for a deep dive into Guatemala Impact: the experience, the impact, and, of course, how to prepare for that iconic race route!

I Ran The UK's Most Scenic Trail Marathon. Here's Why

Impact Marathon is no ordinary race. Runners from across the country get together to give back to the nature that makes our running so beautiful. Partnering with Trees Not Tees and working alongside Future Forests, this race isn’t just about running a marathon, it’s about planting hundreds of trees on the stunning Isle of Mull in Scotland first.

Kenya Impact Marathon - The Home of Running

The Impact Marathon that hosts runners in the home of running. We are proud to be bringing the second edition to you - from the tea estates of Western Kenya. This is truly a race like no other (we even have a tea break) but we also arrange training sessions with the very best runners in the world, on the very same trails where gold medals are won and world records are broken...

Impact Runner View: Training with the Kenyans by Jennyfer Woods

During our Kenya Impact Marathon week, we were privileged enough to not only meet but also train with Kenyan athletes who have broken world records, won gold at the Olympics and regularly win many of the major marathons all around the world! We also got a chance to pick tea on Chesumot Tea Estate and visit another incredible microfinance project via Five Talents UK.

Impact Runner View: Kenya Impact Marathon by Jennyfer Woods

After an incredible few days visiting projects and training with Olympic Athletes, Marathon Day quickly came around. I knew the Kenya Impact Marathon was going to be a challenge but I never would of predicted what would end up happening!

United Nations Sponsors Nepali Girls to Run Nepal Impact Marathon

The UN Resident Coordinator’s Office (RCO) in Nepal recently partnered with Impact Marathon Series to raise awareness among the general population and stakeholders on the need to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and promote SDGs 4, 5 and 6.The opportunity of this marathon gave the girls a space to showcase their athletic skills, which translates into meaningful action that will help us achieve the SDGs.

Guatemala Impact Marathon - The Projects

All our races are set up with one purpose - to serve the communities we run in. That's why we don't just show up and run, we partner with the best organisations who have spent years building relationships and projects - we organise our entire Impact Week to be led by the community. This is a platform for change that can touch communities across the entire world

Impact Runner View: Kenya Track Session by Clean Coach Katie

The incredible day we experienced a track session with the Kenyan athletes at the Kericho Training College. Impact Marathon Series organised this unbelievable visit for us and it was fantastic to run with the best. A superb experience and one I will never forget!

Impact Runner View: 'A Race Like No Other' by Clean Coach Katie

On Friday 19th October we ran with Impact Marathon Series in Kericho, Kenya. This certainly was a race like no other, with unexpected twists, turns and weather. Follow us throughout this stunning course as we got to run round the beautiful tea estate, be joined by world class athletes and pull together in the face of adversity. #PowerofRunning

Nepal Impact Marathon 2017

Running with each other, for each other... The 2nd Edition of the Nepal Impact Marathon saw runners from around the world descend on Kakani & Shivapuri National Park to unleash the power of running to tackle the Global Goals Category

Nepal Impact Marathon 2016: Race Day

Amazing highlights from the inaugural Nepal International Marathon - 10km, 21km and 42km distances. Starting from Kakani up through Shivapuri National Park. This was a remarkable event and the curtain-raiser for the Impact Marathon Series.

#ProjectPipeline @ Nepal Impact Marathon 2016

At the first ever Nepal Impact Marathon we took on an insanely ambitious project...Can 200 people dig 5km of water pipeline? Can the international and community runners join forces to bring safe drinking water year round to the village? Find out how we got on...

Malawi Impact Marathon - The Community

All our races are set up with one purpose - to serve the communities we run in. That's why we don't just show up and run, we partner with the best organisations who have spent years building relationships and projects - we organise our entire Impact Week to be led by the community. This is a platform for change that can touch communities across the entire world

Malawi Impact Marathon 2018

The inaugural Malawi Impact Marathon Along the banks of the world's most beautiful lake Through the very communities your fundraising is empowering This is running as you've never experienced before...

Just A Second - Behind the Scenes with Team Impact

When Abi Jones joined Team Impact in Kenya she filmed for just one second each day and, by the end, had a wonderful compilation of her time with us. From Nick ditching the car into a flood, to the wonderful Kenyan personalities, to the general chitchat of Team Impact in the evenings, it's all captured perfectly....