The lessons I’ve learned, the knowledge I’ve gained and the friendships I’ve made are unforgettable. See you again soon...
— Ruth, Guatemala Impact Runner 2018

The Impact Marathon Series was borne of a dream that we could use the simple power of running to uplift communities and empower runners all over the world.

In our 1st year we took on the challenge of building a 5km water pipeline in our Nepali village, before running a race on the Saturday…it changed lives forever.

Since then we have run races in Malawi, Kenya and Guatemala, each one now at least their second year of existence.

The Impact? $1m+ raised for grassrooots organisations.

Over 350 Impact Runners have taken on the Impact Week experience, many of whom are already on their 2nd & 3rd races with us.

So, what makes an Impact Marathon so special?

It’s that combination of travelling to an extraordinary location, engaging in community projects that are led by the community and set to catalyse huge change whilst also knowing that you are going to be running a race that will challenge you to dig deeper than you have ever dug.

But the glue that brings all this together is the incredible groups of Impact Runners that we have the privilege to host. When a group of positive, energised humans come together with a common purpose, not only do we achieve great things but we make great friends. We arrive as a whole load of individuals, and we finish the week as one tight communtiy who have gone on a powerful journey together.

You come for the running, you return for the people.


Our Next Race is…


12 -17 November 2019


MAY 2020




MARCH 2020