Kenya Impact Marathon x Five Talents: 20th - 26th October 2019

This is the whole package...this is the Impact Marathon for those who want to run with the very best. It is our ultimate running adventure mixed with an immersive experience extraordinary and fabled country, whilst truly uncovering the power of microfinance to empower women and change lives. 

From track sessions with the Kenyan elites, to life-changing project visits to a race through the magical tea plantations of East Africa.

Our Kenya Impact Marathon is now in its 3rd year - and has raised over £90k already - but more than that, they saw, felt and understood the impact that money will have by visiting the very projects they supported. This is what makes an Impact Marathon different to any other overseas races.

We offer 3 race distances for you to choose from so don't worry if you're not yet ready to run a full marathon. Challenge yourself on our 21k or 10k course. It's not about personal bests, it's about running together, with others, for others.