Our most popular experience is back for the 3rd time, a race like no other!

Running with the Kenyans

During your week with us, we will take you right into the heart of the Kenyan running machine - with track sessions, dawn runs and a race day where the best runners in the world will not sprint into the distance, but instead run beside you and pace you to your finishing line moment…



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The Race

10km, 21km, 42km race through the magical tea plantations of Kenya. Our course presents a brutal challenge as you climb to altitudes of over 2300m whilst running a truly testing trail.

Your time on the course will be puncuated by the elite Kenyan runners who join us not to sprint into the distance, but to run beside you.

Running together. With others, for others.

The Experience

This is not just a race but a week long, utterly immersive experience of a fabled & beautiful country.

We use our deep understanding of Kenyan culture to offer up a week like no other.

We will take you from track sessions with elite athletes to community engagement with the exact projects your fundraising supports.

The Impact

Empowering women across East Africa through modern, hybrid form of microfinance.

We will be visiting and meeting the very people who’s lives you are changing so you can completely see, feel & understand your Impact.

If you don’t know much about the ingenious system of microfinance to sustainably change lives - this trip is for you