With the easing of global travel restrictions, our covid-19 booking policy is no longer in effect. Standard booking and deferral policy is resumed.

Local Runners

Take your Impact Marathon to the next level with one of our specially crafted adventures

April 28 - May 1 2023

United Kingdom
FROM $106.21/pp

DEPOSIT $127.28

Scotland x Impact Marathon 2023

Running together with others, for others, for our planet

Global Runners

Where will you make your impact?

November 14 - 20 2022

FROM $777.01/pp

DEPOSIT $194.25

Run the Himalayas

The original Impact Marathon race - there’s a reason why this race keeps returning year after year.

November 28 - December 4 2022

FROM $944.71/pp

DEPOSIT $311.75

Run the Ancient Desert

Join us on the sandy dunes of Jordan for our first ever (desert) race.

February 28 - March 5 2023

FROM $777.01/pp

DEPOSIT $388.50

Run the Live Volcano

Sculpt the young leaders of a nation and run our most iconic course

May 9 - 14 2023

FROM $1,224.21/pp

DEPOSIT $306.05

Run with the Legends

The most powerful way to experience Kenya: an immersive week spent supporting women's empowerment and learning from the elite runners.