Local Runners

Take your Impact Marathon to the next level with one of our specially crafted adventures

April 28 - May 1 2023

United Kingdom
FROM $119.98/pp

DEPOSIT $89.61

Scotland x Impact Marathon 2023

Running together with others, for others, for our planet

Global Runners

Where will you make your impact?

November 14 - 20 2022

FROM $877.78/pp

DEPOSIT $219.44

Run the Himalayas

The original Impact Marathon race - there’s a reason why this race keeps returning year after year.

November 28 - December 4 2022

FROM $877.78/pp

DEPOSIT $289.67

Run the Ancient Desert

Join us on the sandy dunes of Jordan for our first ever (desert) race.

February 28 - March 5 2023

FROM $877.78/pp

DEPOSIT $438.89

Run the Live Volcano

Sculpt the young leaders of a nation and run our most iconic course

May 9 - 14 2023

FROM $1,382.98/pp

DEPOSIT $345.74

Run with the Legends

The most powerful way to experience Kenya: an immersive week spent supporting women's empowerment and learning from the elite runners.