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1. Interest-Free Payment Plan (recommended): after a deposit today, the cost of the expedition will be spread over the year.

2. Deposit & Balance: after a deposit today, you'll need to pay your balance in full 90 days before departure.

3. Pay in Full: get it all out of the way and pay in full today, 25% will be counted as your 'deposit' as per terms & conditions.

Street Child treks Everest Base Camp

Street Child treks Everest Base Camp


A 15-day challenge experience on the world's greatest trekking route, all whilst visiting the incredible Street Child projects that are changing lives across Nepal.


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Bolt-On Nights


Arriving early or staying late? We can have you booked into a room, no need to shift around the city, or even the hotel, with all your bags.


Single Supplement


For the nights of the 10th, 11th, and 23rd November, you'll have your own luxury, en-suite room in Kathmandu.