September 23 - 24 2022 | Jordan

Jordan x Impact Marathon

Run for The Global Goals at our inaugural race in the Middle East



A race like no other! The Impact Marathon Series unleashes the power of running to empower individuals and uplift communities. We've joined forces with Naua - A Crown Prince Foundation Initiative, The Mela Network and Experience Jordan to take our global running movement to the next level. You'll be joining with runners from across the world to run together, at one time, for one cause - changing lives through the power of water. No one else pushes boundaries like we do. We bring together people from all over the world, taking on projects that can be physically and emotionally challenging but also incredibly rewarding. An Impact Marathon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It will likely be one of the hardest races you've ever run. It will challenge you. It will inspire you. And, if you are ready, it will change your life.  Step out of your comfort zone. Are you ready for the challenge?  Run a marathon. Change Lives.


Global Running Movement

From Nepal to Guatemala, Kenya to the UK, the impact of your race will create ripples across the globe. You'll be joining the thousands of Impact Runners who have harnessed the #powerofrunning to uplift their communities.

Run Wadi Rum

There's nothing like it. The surreal majesty, the endless silence, the stunning surrounds. A jewel of Jordan brought to life with the unique energy of the Impact Marathon experience.

The Global Goals

Every single Impact Marathon is created to tackle the biggest goals facing our world. In Jordan, we are tackling Zero Hunger through the provision of sustainable home gardens that are already changing lives across the country. By improving each families ability to produce a lot with minimal water and zero wastage we've seen the quality of nutrition increase as well as economic benefits within the communities we work. This is leadership on a grassroots level!

2 Days - 1 Race

We mean it when we say that this is a race like no other. In 2021, we launched our latest innovation in impact running - 2 days, 1 race. You'll spend time before running connecting with the social projects this race serves, seeing where your fundraising is going and understanding your ability to support The Global Goals every single day. Then, we join with runners from across the world to run together, with others, for others!


Day 1

Impact Day

Arrive for lunch in our Athetles' Village and prepare for an afternoon of Impact. 

You'll be joining the international Impact Runners who have spent the week working on the exact projects this race is supporting. We have workshops, experiences, interactions and a whole number of ways to create your impact. And at the end of it, you will have created the legacy this event will have...that's right, by the end of the afternoon you will have created the projects to inspire the running community for the next 12months.

You'll have the full pasta party, race briefing and sunset yoga before we head for an amazing sleep ready for race day!

Day 2

Race Day

Whether you are running the 10k, 21k or 42k you are in for a real treat. 

At Impact Marathon we don't just create a route based on the distance, we create a route that tells a story, that pushes you to your limit no matter what your running experience and that will empower you to understand your ability to impact the world. 

The Marathon distance will head off before first light ready for a few hours of head torch running before the incredible sunrise run. We then start the 21km and 10km in waves so that no matter your distance you will be running beside and supporting all the runners...finishing together.


Race Entry

Impact Day Entry

Impact Workshops

Race Nutrition

Race Hydration

Race Medal

Race Tee

1 Night Accommodation

Pasta Party Dinner


2 x Light Lunch




National Park and Entrance Fees


I’ve been involved with Impact Marathon since 2016 - it combines my love of running and adventure with my passion for lasting social impact. I’ve really loved spending time this week with the projects we’ll be supporting.


The race/running aspect is like a celebratory lap at the end of the trip which is a brilliant way to bring everyone together! ⁣ It’s not like any normal race, in a unique environment and running through sand is not easy


Disconnect and appreciate the simple things in life👌🏼 This was very much accomplished these last few days in the beautiful Wadi Rum/Jordan! 🌵


If you’ve ever considered doing a desert ultra then decided you didn’t like sand/heat enough to run in it for multiple days in a row (just me? 🤷🏻‍♀️) then this is the race for you!



Impact Marathon

Unleashing the power of running to change empower individuals and uplift communities. Impact Marathon works across 6 countries, and growing, to combine trail running and community engagement into a powerful conduit for social change. 


The Mela Network

From day one, The Mela Network have harnessed their wealth of connections to bring this race to life. This visionary organisation is a global network that powers business opportunity, leadership development and personal, professional growth across the lifetime of its members.



Naua is the region's first social impact platform that aims to promote philanthropy and civic engagement by enabling everyone to give back to their community. Created as a Crown Prince Foundation Initiative, th are the driving force behind the on-going impact of this race.


Experience Jordan

Experience Jordan love exploring - and they have harnessed their pioneering spirit to deliver the logistics of this ground-breaking event. From the Athletes' Village to created a route that tells a story, they are the team driving everything behind the scenes.



We have partnered up directly with Naua, a Crown Prince Foundation Initiative and focused on the biggest issue the country faces: water scarcity. We were searching for those small steps that have a big impact - the changes we can make that have a truly huge impact. Tapping into the network and knowledge provided by Naua presented us with an opportunity to work with the iconic, Greening The Desert project.

Greening The Desert

Your fundraising through this race will go to support the revolutionary home gardens project. Jordan is the 2nd most water scarce country on earth. Our program in Jordan is all around how to get more from less, and the Home Gardens projects does exactly that. We will be working on and building home gardens that will be used in the community in a ground-breaking new project. The learning starts with the children, who manage the gardens and ensure, with the minimal amount of water possible, we are growing more. The women then are able to sell the excess produce that brings income into the family - it’s here we’ve seen an opportunity to re-invest that and grow the home gardens as a business. We rarely come across projects that touch so many of the Global Goals - from Life on Land to Sustainable Cities and Communities, to Gender Equality - and so many more. It’s a small idea with huge impact across all society.

September 23 - 24 2022

FROM $178.25/pp

September 23 - 24 2022

FROM $178.25/pp