Nick Kershaw

The day is coming to an end. You are sat looking at the skies above. The sun is falling into the horizon. It's the same sun you've seen every day of your life. But it's somehow different. There is something truly jaw-dropping about the sun when the ground beneath you is the dust of Africa. The depth of the red, the dry heat, the clarity of the edges.

Malawi has everything that is spectacular and magical about this fabled continent. It has the sun, the distinctive shape of the acacia trees that provide the iconic silhouette, the endless plains, the prideful, welcoming and purposeful people. It has the red dust, the rural villages, the bustling city of Lilongwe. It has the loud chatter and the mayhem of the bus park. Everything. 

When you travel to Malawi, you'll find that it takes just a little bit more digging to find the real spirit of the country you are visiting. A distinct country 

You commonly see two visions of Africa portrayed across the world:

The Attenborough documentary with wide expansive plains, the giraffes silhouette framed by the magical setting sun. This Africa is real. It’s beautiful beyond compare, but it’s just one snapshot of Africa, one facet of its diversity

Live Aid/Comic Relief campaigns that guilt you into supporting by portraying harrowing pictures and celebrity tears. This Africa is also real, it’s distressing that other humans should suffer like this. But this is not the Africa you’ll likely find when you actually visit. 

No, each country you visit has its own joy, it’s own extraordinary people, it’s own ordinary people – those who go about their daily life with neither the vision of a hunting pack of lions attacking an elephant, nor the appalling squalor of life in a slum.

The majority of your time you will be surrounded by interesting, intelligent people full of the joy of life who will give you an African experience that will leave you stunned by the unexpected and empowered by the ambition of the place. 

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