April 28 - May 1 2023 | United Kingdom

Scotland x Impact Marathon 2023

Running together with others, for others, for our planet



Press pause on life and hit play on our planet. This is the one chance each year, where runners from across the country can come together to give back to the nature that makes our running so beautiful. We have partnered with the awesome Trees Not Tees team to bring their groundbreaking reforestation vision into reality. There are 1 million trees to plant, intertwined with testing technologies that could take 1 million tonnes of carbon from the air each year, creating a blueprint for all land managers in the UK. This is powerful, innovative, and game-changing work - and we need you. Our pop-up Athletes' Village on the Isle of Mull will be your home for 3 nights as we bring all that makes an Impact Marathon the most impactful race series in the world to the UK. This is set to be a trail race like no other: running together with others, for others, and for our planet.

The Beast of Mull


This route has a bit of everything! We have trails, fells, mud, roads, lochs - the lot. 

With an out and back design, we wanted to show you some of the most spectacular spots on Mull, whilst telling the story of the project this race is supporting. Starting and finishing on the Glenaros Estate, you'll head out across the estate to Loch Ba and beyond.

With 1200m ascent, the majority of which comes in a magical climb at the far end of the route- expect a super fun, fast return to the finish line!

Fully Marked Race Route | Water stations every 3-5km 

Full details, profile & gpx to follow

Loch in, Loch Out


Rolling out across Glenaros Estate and winding its way to Loch Ba, this route is a beautiful trail, with a small bit of road, which has a bit of everything. 

All our routes on Mull will be out and backs - every route we create focuses on the energy of other runners and you'll have plenty of chances to share the love as you go. 

The route is undulating all the way with 300m Ascent to test you, whilst not interrupting your running rhythm. For the experienced trail runner, to those learning the ropes - choosing this distance guarantees and challenging and spectacular day out.

Fully Marked Race Route | Water stations every 3-5km 

Full details, profile & gpx to follow

The Magic of Glenaros


Created to show of the magic of the work being done in Glenaros, this route takes in the estate - from the iron age fort to the new forests that have been created, to the land that will one day be restored to majestic woodland. 

If you're new to trail running, or you want to put all your energy into the project work, this route will cap off the weekend and, thanks to our unique starting system, you'll be running beside the 21km and 42km runners - all helping each other reach that finish line together.

Fully Marked Race Route | Water stations every 3-5km 

Full details, profile & gpx to follow


The Magic of Mull

Taking you to places you'd never normally go, Mull is a spectacular, beautiful isle off the west coast of Scotland. Mull has it all: lochs, waterfalls, mountains, coast line, history and awesome food. It's a place you are going to want to stay long after the race is over just to keep exploring.

Fells for days

Whichever distance you choose, you will be faced with undulations, mud, and some of the wildest trails in the entire Impact Marathon Series. You'll not be racing for a PB, the courses are too hard for that. Take it in, treasure every step in the most spectacular of places. As ever, we link all the distances together, so all abilities will be part of an amazing day running together, with others, for others.

Create a forest

Future Forest Company is on a mission to unf*ck the world. You will be joining this mission. Their approach is an effective, holistic and sustainable way to create forests that are protected forever whilst supporting the communities that surround the land. There are 1 million trees to be planted on this estate, along with the testing of innovative natural technologies. This will make every inch of the forest even more effective at fighting Climate Change.

Athletes' Village

Break from your world and wake up to views over the peaceful Sound of Mull, sustained by a locally sourced menu, and working beside a group of 200 phenomenal global citizens. This is the hub that brings the race to life and connects a community determined to change the world. It wouldn't be an Impact Athletes' Village without yoga, the Sunset Bar, and an energising atmosphere of optimism!


Friday 28 Apr

Welcome Feast!

No matter how far you've travelled, the arrival to Mull will always feel special. The Athletes' Village will be open from 3pm, enough time for you to set up, relax, grab a beer at the Sunset Bar, meet your fellow Impact Runners and even a good yoga session to stretch things out. 

Dinner tonight will be a FEAST! In true Impact fashion, we believe food tells a story...about a community and about the planet. We will be highlighting the best local ingredients and will be followed by introductions to the teams, sharing the global vision for the project you're about to undertake and prepping you for what you'll actually be doing come the morning. 

Food: Dinner included

Saturday 29 Apr

Impact Day

At any Impact Marathon, we look to fuse learning, understanding and action together - and the team at Future Forests is setting up to do exactly that. There'll be a combination of physical work in bringing the vision to life, but also a deep-dive into how 

What that will be exactly? We've always liked to keep that as a surprise, and that is not a tradition we are going to change just because we are in the UK. The estate is a living, breathing organism that is in a constant state of change. We will take you on a journey through the work of Future Forests - from their most innovative and game-changing concepts such as biochar technology to the tree planting and hedgerow alley cropping. All interspersed with Expert Climate Change workshops.

Aside from that, we are all in the incredible hands of team at Future Forests so yes, you will get dirty and possibly wet - this is Scotland in April!

There'll be food through the day, sunset Yoga by Naomi, another feast but this time with extra carbs - and the all-important race briefing!

Food:  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included

Sunday 30 Apr

Race Day

Throw every other race experience you've had out the window - this is an Impact Marathon and we do things differently. 

Everything about the day is to celebrate the spirit, the power of running and the joy of sharing that challenge together. We phase the race starts so that whichever distance you choose, you'll end up sharing the trails and supporting each other to the finish. 

Bring your energy, treasure every step and take on an incredible, challenging and stunning trail route. Then, it's time to celebrate. 

Dinner will be a proper feast and the Sunset Bar will be open late into the night - it's time to celebrate all that has been achieved. 

Food: Breakfast & Dinner included

Monday 1 May (Bank Holiday)

Homeward Bound

Your final sunrise and since you may well be a bit achey this morning, there's a good breakfast ready to fuel you all the way home. 

Don't forget, it's a Bank Holiday, which makes your life a whole lot easier when joining us in Mull.

The Athletes' Village will officially be closed by 11am - but that doesn't mean you have to leave Mull. We heartily recommend staying and exploring more of what this isle has to offer - there are plenty of places to stay, food to enjoy and wildlife to find. 

Food: Breakfast included


4 Day Athletes' Village Entry

3 Nights camping / Campervan space

Race Entry

Climate Change Project Work

Expert Climate Change Workshops

Water & Nutrition Stops

Full Medical Support by Exile Medics

Race Photos

Sunset & Sunrise Yoga

Day 1 - Dinner

Day 2 - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 3 - Breakfast & Dinner

Day 4 - Breakfast

Transfer from Ferry to Athletes' Village

Handcrafted Impact Medal

Full Carbon Offsetting

Donation to Impact Runner Development Fund


Sunset Bar Drinks (unless you can guess Nick's secret tab!)

Post-Race Lunch

Travel Insurance



I’m really excited about Impact Marathon coming to Mull and working with us. It brings together two of the things that I enjoy most in life; ecological restoration and running in beautiful places. I’m sure it will be a fantastic weekend and I am very much looking forward to it

Jim Mann, CEO, The Future Forests Company

The more I've learnt about the work of Trees Not Tees - the more I've been blown away by them. I can't wait to share this with our Impact Runners. After 6 years working around the globe, this is our time to bring all we have learn back home to take on the biggest the greatest challenge that we face today.

Nick Kershaw, Founder & CEO, Impact Marathons

Expect an immersive Saturday, getting your hands dirty with climate change action, a stunning trail rout eon Sunday and locally-sourced food to keep you going throughout.

Chris Zair, Head of Partnerships, Trees Not Tees


Tees Not Trees

The Trees Not Tees movement is sweeping through the UK race world and questioning the previously unquestioned. This year, you’ll see an ever-growing number of races offer you the chance to choose between a race tee you don’t need, or to plant a tree, that we do need. This race is created to tell the story of that decision: Where does the money go next? What is the methodology? How is your tree protected forever? What is the real impact you are having?


The Future Forest Company

Their mission is clear – we need to unf*ck the future. Future Forests exist to remove CO2 at scale from the atmosphere, stop global warming, fight climate change and protect biodiversity. The Glenaros Estate we will call home is their latest acquisition, turning distressed farmland into a sustainable agroforest with 1 million trees planted, and testing natural technologies that aim to sequester up to 1 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere each year. This is game-changing work, hosted by a truly creative team – filled with some world-class runners, and some less world-class runners.


Impact Marathon

Impact has finally come home! After 6 years creating races across the world, destiny has brought us back to where it all began. The Impact mission is to unleash the power of running to change the world and, though the fight against Climate Change is global - it starts at home. With expertise working on projects in the most remote locations and trail races in the most dramatic of settings, the team is thrilled to finally share the Impact Marathon energy here in the UK.



This Impact Marathon is more than simply planting a tree, it is our chance to learn and engage with the breadth of impact that can come when we reconsider our relationship with land. When the United Nations announced the 17 Global Goals in 2015, we were just starting up Impact Marathon. We looked at these Goals - the future of the planet - and were inspired by one key concept; how do you make these understandable and relatable to an individual? It wasn’t long before we saw the interconnectivity of the 17 Goals - making progress on one goal, can both directly and indirectly drive progress in the other goals, the reverse is also true - lack of progress in one goal can hinder progress in all others. There is no doubt that the climate emergency can hinder the progress of all SDGs. But in that very fact lies the opportunity, that in tackling climate change effectively we can create sustainable food systems, improve global health, lower poverty levels and so much more. The Impact of this race will start in a forest on the Isle of Mull but will be felt across the entire world.

Restore forests

The Glenaros Estate is owned by The Future Forest Company who are on a mission to 'unf*ck the future'. Their model exists to remove CO2 at scale from the atmosphere, stop global warming, fight climate change and protect biodiversity. Step one is planting 50 million trees by 2025. Step two is trialling and deploying complimentary carbon removal technologies – biochar and enhanced weathering – to remove an estimated 10 times more CO2 than through reforestation alone. On our Impact Day you will be directly involved in both these steps as well as learning how this can be achieved in a for-profit, sustainable model.

Your fundraising

We have partnered with Tythe to create a bespoke platform for you to not only create your impact, but to fully track where the money goes and the good it does. Furthermore, every single one of your supporters gets to do the same. Beyond changing our daily habits, the most remarkable thing we can do for our planet is invest in bold, action-focused environmental initiatives. The challenge we are facing needs consistent and persistent support. We aren't asking you to 'fundraise' in the traditional marathon sense of the word (there's no minimum target). We are asking you to become beacons, messengers, and spokespeople for our friends, families and communities to actively support the extraordinary organisations on the frontline of tackling Climate Change.

April 28 - May 1 2023

FROM $504.42/pp

April 28 - May 1 2023

FROM $504.42/pp