The Impact Marathon Foundation has the goal of catalyzing change and supporting tangible, grassroots organisations with our funds, affirmation and a platform to tell their story

These are the lone nuts dancing on the hill, these are the guys crazy enough to think they can change the world.

And we honour, affirm and support their vision and their dream.

Here’s to the people who are at the coalface of the Global Goals


SERES - Guatemala

The power of SERES lies in the vision for long term, systemic change through empowering the youth to lead. Great leaders inspire real change, they catalyse development and unite communities. We can’t tackle Climate Change without the leaders who will make the hard decisions and stand up for our plannet. SERES works across a diverse group of young, future leaders. They work across all indigenous groups, they work across gender, they work with those who have something inside them that burns to be a leader, that burns to create change.

What inspires the Impact team…

It is not easy, it is not a programme that will show you tangible results tomorrow - but it will be truly powerful and inspiring to see the youth of today blossom into the leaders of tomorrow.

Childreach Nepal

Children should be #TaughtNotTrafficked. We love how this project uses sports as a tool for development and aims to provide not just technical skills, but support the holistic development of children through sports activities. The programme aims to reduce dropout rates in the schools, to prevent child from being trafficking, indulging in unsafe migration and any other form of child abuse children may face once they drop out of school. It also focuses on bringing equality among the community regardless of gender, race and economic background of the family.

What inspires the Impact team…

Sport has the power to change lives, it inspires to dream, it is emotive, it breaks down our barriers and allows us to meet with the children as they open up.


Adam Dickens 2018 - IMS-Naturally Africa, Malawi 6189.jpg

Naturally Africa - Malawi

Our partner in the small fishing village of Nkope, on the banks of Lake Malawi is an intimate and humble organisation that has steadily built a wonderful relationship and reputation in the community. The villagers have only ever asked for one thing: To Learn. In this way the Naturally Africa projects are all based around capacity building, teaching the skills needed to create effective education structures, medical instituations and sustainable farming.

What inspires the Impact team…

The agricultural land is a testing ground for crops and farming techniques that can stand up to the rigours of Climate Change. With this information and training, we can effectively support all the families in the region diversify their subsistence farms to improve the consistency of yields and the variety of the diets to combat the chronic malnutrition.

Burns Violence Survivors - Nepal


With 56k of burns cases a year and only 2 hospital ward dedicated, this is a powerful project that goes right to the heart of Nepali culture. Not only tackling the care, but the prevention - a huge challenge when faced with the task of tackling domestic abuse and the use of acid in such attacks. Since starting the Nepal Impact Marathon we have funded 15 life-saving surgeries for burns victims, and with your support we can really ramp that up this year. 

What inspires the Impact team…

This is not an issue that has easy solutions, it’s not a topic that most larger organisations can prioritise, but someone has to. We love the passion and compassion of this tiny team, with tiny overheads. We love how our funds have the tangible impact of genuinely saving lives, one at a time.


Caras Alegres

One of our smallest organisations, that is nothing short of inspiration in their persistence whilst up against a seemingly impossible task. The team works in a small community right next to a prison…the only reason there is a community here is so that the families could be close to the mean residing inside the prison walls.

After school, the children have no one at home to look after them, help with their homework, feed them. So this after school group provides a powerful support network that ensures the children and youth of the community are safe, off the streets and developing their skill sets. In turn they are eating nutritious food and grow up to be less vulnerable to the gangs that hold so much sway in the communities.

What inspires the Impact team…

A small change, with huge, exponential Impact. An after school group is something we all understand and can relate to - but the ongoing impact of keeping children learning, well fed, with friends and in a safe environment is truly life-changing and impactful.

Five Talents

The growth of microfinance techniques has been a gamechanger in the world of international development. The idea that we can create groups of savers within a community, to then begin to responsibly and compassionately loan to each other to instigate business growth is simple yet effective. The simplicity extends to the business ideas themselves, it can be as simple as a lady selling potatos who uses the loan to accelerate her income by purchasing more stock at lower prices due to the her new economies of scale. This, in turn, enables her to pay for her children to attend school - and so the cycle of development continues.

What inspires the Impact team…

Not only is microfinance, when used responsibility a powerful tool for women’s empowerment, but the Five Talents team have a particular to be educating around good financial and business practice. The fundraising we do goes solely into capacity building and training - the funds for the loans? That is all generated by the beneficiaries themselves.