How can we make an Impact?

Breaking the Global Goals down into individual actions

In 2015, when we saw the United Nations announce 17 Global Goals that were the key to the future of the planet, we were just starting up Impact Marathons. We looked at these Goals and were inspired by one key concept - how do you make these understandable, tangible and relatable to an individual. What does ‘No Poverty’ actually mean? How do we support ‘Life On Land’ in our every day life?

To us, the Goals are huge and the challenge of our generation. To many, they are immeasurable and vague. To others, they are may seem completely alien.

Throughout the Impact process, from the organisations we choose to support, to the way we engage and interact with the projects and the communities, to the discourse we aim to inspire, our goal is to take the intangible and make it real. To take our runners on a journey where they can meet with what Impact really means - the direct Impact we can create, as well as how our lives indirectly have an impact that creates ripples across the world. To take a runner and make them an Impact Runner.

To unleash the #powerofrunning to change the world