Impact & Fundraising


The Impact Marathon Series was set up at the same time the United Nations announced their Sustainable Development Goals. It was an obvious partnership.

Since then we have talked to all the communities we work in and built our Impact around the Global Goals that are most important to them.

In Nepal, our focus will be on #4 Quality Education & #5 Gender Equality. Next step, we find the charities working right on the forefront of these goals, working day in, day out to drive change.

When you visit the projects you will learn exactly what these Global Goals mean on a grassroots, tangible level.

Setting up your Fundraising Page

We have linked up with awesome team at JustGiving to make it easy and accessible to share your story, and our charities stories, to your community and kickstart your fundraising. Click that massive orange button on the left and you will be transported to the start up your page.

Make it real, make it personal but if you want some of our best tips we have collected them, check them out here.

The Charities

We have been working in Nepal for over 4 years, and over that time we have met with some truly amazing, inspiring individuals and organisations. Over this time, we have focused in our work on two incredible organisations. One that tackles the root causes and impact of domestic abuse, and one that works with children across rural regions to ensure they are #TaughtNotTrafficked.