The 42k

The Ultimate Distance! In the Ultimate Location. Distance running is coming home, and you are the one who gets to inspire the world through your running. This is more than just a race, just wait until you are running along the banks of Lake Malawi, enjoying the Warm Heart of the most beautiful continent on earth.

The 21k

This half marathon will be the most wonderful experience for any runner. Set in challenging terrain, it’s a sandy, dusty trail race that has enough elevation to keep your legs happy but enough stunning vistas to keep your mind rewarded! Forget about your Personal Best and enjoy every single step of this unique course

The 10k

Our most accessible race but no less rewarding and beautiful. This will be the most popular race with our Malawian runners and many people’s first ever race. Feed off the excitement and the enthusiasm. You’ll hit the banks of Lake Malawi, as well as the villages we’ve been working in. A 10km race like no other!