It was an amazing feeling to do something and have such an immediate and direct impact. Very fulfilling! When is the Malawi race next year, because I want to sign up
— James, Malawi Impact Runner, 2018

The Malawi Impact race day takes you on a rural journey through the warm heart of Africa. This is not just a race but the story of a community. You will be winding through 4 separate villages in our small corner of Malawi. You will be running with 200+ local runners, many of whom are taking on their first ever running race. The energy on the course, the children sprinting beside you, the dust, the communities all add up to to this being the most memorable race day you can imagine.

All that, and our iconic lake section which is not only dramatic and stunning, but the sand beneath your feet makes is a truly brutal. With 6km of sand beneath the dry heat of the African sun - be prepared for one of the toughest days in your running career.

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The Ultimate Distance! In the Ultimate Location. Distance running is coming home, and you are the one who gets to inspire the world through your running.

The course in Malawi is a truly varied test for any runner, we have 6km of sand to push yourself through. We have a road section to find a rhythm, albeit it a rhythm as you pace yourself through the bare heat of Southern Africa. We have dusty trails through the Baobab Plains. We have loud, bustling village centres.

This is the most intimate, humble and beautiful marathon of your life.


Don’t be deceived by the flat profile of this course, once you have run your first 1km up the dry river bed of sand you will know that you have a big day ahead of you. With 3km in total on sand, and a hot hot day in store, if you are an experienced runner or taking on your longest race - this course will make for an emotional and memorable finish.

The 21km course will push you and you will leave Malawi a different person to the one who arrived. 2


Just because it is our shortest distance it doesn’t mean it is any less of a challenge. We have crammed the best and hardest sections of our 42km and 21km distance courses into one busy, action-packed, sweaty, sandy mess of 10km course and the best hour of your life! This is easily the most popular distance for our local Malawian runners who are likely running the first race of their life, the energy is utterly palpable and you will finish this course with the biggest, beamiest smile!