We aim for all our Impact Runners to smash through at least £1000 of fundraising - this is what brings the Impact Week alive and leaves a lasting legacy in the communities we seek to serve…


The Impact Marathon Foundation has the goal of catalyzing change and supporitng tangible, grassroots organisations with our funds, affirmation and a platform to tell their story

In Malawi we focus our attention on just one community - Nkope.

We work with the team at Naturally Africa Foundation that are the only NGO working & living in this community and the 5 villages that make it up. We


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Naturally Africa - Malawi

Our partner in the small fishing village of Nkope, on the banks of Lake Malawi is an intimate and humble organisation that has steadily built a wonderful relationship and reputation in the community. The villagers have only ever asked for one thing: To Learn. In this way the Naturally Africa projects are all based around capacity building, teaching the skills needed to create effective education structures, medical instituations and sustainable farming.

The team is prepared to try new ideas, test concepts and, in everything they do, you can feel a real passion to serve the community and create blueprints that can create real change.

What inspires the Impact team…

The agricultural land is a testing ground for crops and farming techniques that can stand up to the rigours of Climate Change. With this information and training, we can effectively support all the families in the region diversify their subsistence farms to improve the consistency of yields and the variety of the diets to combat the chronic malnutrition.