Day 1

Welcome to Your Impact Marathon

Arrival in Nairobi where you will stay overnight and get to know your fellow runners. 

Day 2

Mathare Slum

In the morning there will be a trip to a project in a slum area of Nairobi where we will challenge you right from the start. This is not easy, but this is what the Impact Marathon experience is all about - seeing exactly where your fundraising is going, how it is changing lives and why it is so powerful. It brings to life the challenges faced and what we can do to support some amazing people as they fight to empower their communities.

Day 3

The Power of Running

A day to visit one of Five Talents' programmes aroud the beautiful Lake Naivasha - you'll get to really understand how we can leverage micro-finance techniques to empower communities and change futures. 

Day 4

Running with the Kenyans

Today we travel to Kericho for the final leg of our journey! Today is the day to get a feeling for what makes Kenyan runners the best in the world - you will be taking part in our iconic track session, and rubbing shoulders with the finest runners as they take you through their speedwork training routine. 

Day 5

Full Immersion

Spend the morning visiting a newer Five Talents' programme and see exactly how the team tackle the challenges faced with community building, business planning, women's empowerment and financial management. That's just the morning, then in the afternoon have the option of taking part in a Q&A with elite Kenyan runners!

Day 6

Race Day

The moment has come. Start line, time to run together, as a community in one of the world’s most outstanding locations. The magic of race day: Get ready for a remarkable finish line moment as you take the final steps of the hardest race of your life. And at that finish line, we’ll have a huge welcome home for you. Party into the night, you deserve it...

Day 7


Departure day where some of you will be heading back to Nairobi for a flight home or our masterfully curated one day adventure. Others will be heading the other way to world famous Masai Mara for a magical few days on safari and hopefully spotting all of the Big Five during your time there