Making An Impact - Runner’s World

Impact Marathons were featured in the May 2019 edition of Runner’s World UK.

We run for the love of the sport, but running can do so much more. Just ask Nick Kershaw, founder of the Impact Marathon Series, which aims to change lives.

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Impact Marathons with Nick Kershaw - Bad Boy Running Podcast

Impact Marathon CEO & Founder, Nick Kershaw sat down with serial adventure runner and David Hellard, and his fellow do-badder, Jody Raynsford to chat all things Impact going into 2019


50 Greatest Races In The World - Runners’ World Magazine

In 2018, our Nepal Impact Marathon was named one of the 50 Greatest Races in the World. They noted our combination of stunning race routes with our ability to bring a new country to life and leave a lasting legacy through the power of running.


Top 10 Charity Challenges 2017 - Red Bull

When Red Bull consider you one of the Top 10 Charity Challenges to do in only your second year of existence, you know you have created a truly special event! Our first ever Impact Marathon took place in Nepal, in 2016 and we pushed hard to make it not only a powerful race day, but an entire week that catalysed lasting change in our Nepali host village.

Martin’s Kenya Trip - Marathon Talk Podcast

When Martin Yelling joined us on our recent Kenya Impact Marathon, it was his second time racing with us - and in this podcast he takes in a very different experience and interviews many of our Impact Runners after what was our most dramatic race so far.


Interview with Impact Founder - A Running Commentary

You know how, when you are running, your conversations head off on tangents and incidentals and you open up in a way you wouldn’t normally when first meeting another human being? Well, what if you bottled that moment into a podcast, recorded and shared it with the running universe? That’s exactly what the chaps at A Running Commmentary have done and it makes for listening that is both compelling and entertaining. Check out Impact Founder, Nick Kershaw on a recent episode as they run around Finsbury Park!


From a Goldman Sachs interview to putting on marathons - Global Citizen 

Three years ago, the next step in my finance career was right there for the taking, I sat in a London wine bar, a nice glass in hand having an interview with a Goldman Sachs Managing Director. The role is exactly what I wanted and I knew I would flourish there….