Our first year was an exciting journey. Our focus was on the proceesds oof our Nepal Impact Marathon 2016 as it recovered from the 2015 earthquake that disrupted every facet of daily life.

Our 2017 Impact Report was also a journey as we began discovering what type of Foundation we wanted to be.

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We grew from the one race to hosting two, Nepal & Kenya.

Our Impact Report 2018 will cover the £60,000 raised across these two races. Our learning has continued as we focused on story telling combined with a small amount of theory of change. Although our spending is documented we decided to focus on stories rather than statistics.

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Our Current Projects

As we moved into our 3rd year, we decided to decrease the amount of projects we worked with, in order to increase the Impact.

This was not an easy decision as it is in our nature to try and solve many issues. But we realised we were at our best when we focused on one or two key partnerships in each country.