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Global Goal 17 is what brought Impact Marathon, a marathon series tackling the global goals, and Stand For Trees, an environmental advocacy platform promoting forest conservation, together: the power of partnership!

The Global Goals platform sums it up perfectly: “A successful sustainable development agenda requires partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society. These inclusive partnerships built upon principles and values, a shared vision, and shared goals that place people and the planet at the centre, are needed at the global, regional, national and local level.”
The success of the Global Goals is also strengthened when advocacy organizations come together and combine efforts to ensure a more sustainable future.   


The team at Impact Marathons had always scratched their heads at how to justify so much air travel for each of their events. They wanted to make a bigger impact than just to say they were carbon neutral, it doesn’t go far enough. Every single goal needs cooperation and support between organisations.

“We know the massive changes that are inspired by each event will have ripple effect around the world - but we need to be cogniscent that travel comes at a cost", says Nick Kershaw, CEO of Impact Marathon Series, "we never wanted to just tick a box and say ‘we are carbon neutral’ - we wanted to actively support organisations that create real, positive change"

That’s where Stand For Trees came in - an amazing, conscious and powerful organisation that don’t just stop at covering a footprint. 5% of all the funds raised by the IMS runners will go towards fulfilling Global Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals. We are immensely grateful, and insanely excited to be linked to the guys at Stand For Trees.”

Stand For Trees is a community of people taking action to protect the world’s threatened forests and combat climate change. They raise awareness of the value of forests through art, information, and technology, and empower individuals to contribute to real and effective solutions.                

They partner with high quality forest conservation projects around the world to fight global deforestation. These projects work directly with local communities to ensure sustainable land use results in climate-friendly development from the ground up. Stand For Trees projects quantify and value the carbon storage services that forests provide and use ‘climate finance’ to conserve threatened forests and preserve vital biodiversity.

The benefits of supporting Stand For Trees projects go beyond climate change mitigation. When you protect a forest you are also empowering local and indigenous communities and alleviating poverty in developing countries. All at the same time! All Stand For Trees projects follow a strict Code of Conduct that prioritizes the rights and roles of indigenous and local communities living in and around the project areas. These communities are the first line of defense against the economic incentives driving deforestation in threatened forests.

And if you want to know exactly why their work is so important, check out this incredible video...

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