Your office will never be the same again after your first team returns from the most valuable experience of their lives.

Deliver the ultimate CSR experience…

The Impact platform is a perfect way to enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility and truly engage your team with the power they have as an individual, to leave an impact on the world.

By working closely with your business, we choose the right local projects to meet your CSR goals. With our experience and connections at the grassroots level we can bring your social responsibility to life in a truly unique and intimate way. We choose projects that match with the skills of your team and harness their talents to create real value for the projects in-country.

The power of an Impact Marathon does not lie in what we achieve during our time with your team, but the changes you will see in them as they return to the workplace as empowered leaders of a socially engaged business.

By building a team to attend an Impact Marathon you take CSR from the narrative to the tangible. From a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘central pillar of the business values’. Not only that but you are harnessing the power of running to build a healthy, positive, energised team who will grow in confidence throughout the expeirence.

  • Intimately engage employees by taking them to grassroots of the CSR work you do

  • Bring a group of employees together in the ultimate team building experience

  • Encourage fitness, health within the office

  • Benefit from awesome content and stories to inspire new talent to join your office

  • Stand out from your competition as a company that truly connects their team with their social impact

Prices start from £695 per person.


Let’s Talk

We have built the Impact Marathon platform to you to harness and build on to acheive your CSR goals. From full bespoke events, to hosting your team at one our current races across the globe.

How will you use it? What dream do you have in your company?

If you want to make your company stand out and engage your team in a truly unique way just get in touch and we can arrange a meeting or call to dream big and bring your vision to life.

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