Day 1

Monday 2nd March

Welcome to Your Impact Marathon

After your flight arrives in to Guatemala City during the day, you’ll be whisked to our Athletes' Village, a short drive from the UNESCO World Heritage town of Antigua. Here you’ll get to know your fellow travellers whilst enjoying an evening of amazing Guatemalan food and starting to learn more of what you'll be experiencing this week. We like to keep much of the week’s activities a surprise, so we’ll be revealing lots more over a glass of Gallo beer this evening. 

Day 2

Tuesday 3rd March

To Tecpan and Beyond…

Wake up to watch the breathtaking sunrise over Agua, Fuego and Acatanango and get into the swing of life at your project. The morning yoga session is one of the many highlights of the trip, simply unmissable. For those wanting to get a feel for the terrain, you can also head out on one of our training runs. Then the project work begins, depending on your selected UN Global Goal you'll be working with organisations in the region to bring about change in their communities. 

This is what the Impact Marathon experience is all about - seeing exactly where your fundraising is going, how it is changing lives and why it is so powerful. It brings to life the challenges faced and what we can do to support some amazing people as they fight to empower their communities.

Day 3

Wednesday 4th March

The Power of Fuego

Now we, traditionally, get a bit dirty. We get stuck in and physically support the work of our charities. Our Community Impact Projects are now legendary, from digging a 5km water pipeline to bring water to the village, to putting first shovels in the dirt on a visionary project to support leadership training for the youth - this is a platform, a catalyst if you will, for charities to bring ambitious projects to life. And you make that possible whilst also stepping way outside your own comfort zone.

Day 4

Thursday 5th March

Getting Dirty

We rise with the sun to finish our Community Impact Project work as one big happy family. You'll now be feeling far more in rhythm with Guatemalan life and understanding the amazing as well as challenging sides to life in the country. Seeing your project through to completion will be an outstanding moment and is what makes the Impact Marathon experience completely unique. We finish the day celebrating with a drink or two at our Sunset Bar.

Day 5

Friday 6th March

Annnnd Relax...kind of

You have a big day tomorrow so today it's time to unwind. We will head down to a pool to put your feet up, carb load a bit and generally enjoy a bit of down time after the intensity of the week so far. You are free to do as you please, so you can defintely head into Antigua to buy some lunch, relax with your fellow competitors, and tour this absolutely beautiful colonial town. In the evening will be the famous pasta party in preparation for race day. 

Day 6

Saturday 7th March

Race Day

The moment has come. Start line, time to run together, as a community in one of the world’s most outstanding locations. The magic of race day: Get ready for a remarkable finish line moment as you take the final steps of the hardest race of your life. And at that finish line, we’ll have a huge welcome home for you. Party into the night, you deserve it...

Day 7

Sunday 8th March


The race is over and you'll have the usual aches and pains to remind you. To take your mind off it we have organised some incredible experiences that show you the very best that Guatemala has to offer. Alternatively, and reluctantly, we will let you return home and transfers to the airport are included!