42km - 'La Bestia de la Sierra Nevada'

The World's Most Unique Marathon

You'll start high in the Sierra Nevada just outside Minca. The race then heads up hill (for quite a while) on some of the most beautiful trails you've ever run. The heat is intense, the sounds of the jungle deafening at times but the course will blow your mind. You'll cross the Rio Gaira, taking on some technical descents and winding through the dense wilderness. As you head slowly down into Santa Marta you will come across a stretch of railway running... the houses that back on to this add a vibrant, party atmosphere all week long, race day is sure to heighten this noise. Finally you'll wind your way down into the centre of Santa Marta, the oldest town in Latin America. The finish line is on the beach front which guarantees an awesome end backdrop to your race and the chance for a quick dip to cool off!

23km - Half Marathon (& a bit)

Whilst the crazy 42km runners head up hill from the start, here you head down. Nice start, but get ready for the intense trails ahead. You'll be crossing through the Sierra Nevada National Park to join the full distance guys halfway along. We'll be timing it so that you do all meet and get to run together. This is more than a race, this is running with each other, for each other, inspiring each other. So enjoy this beautiful race through the hills, along the railways and get ready for a party atmosphere on the beaches of Santa Marta for an unforgettable finish!

5km - For Everyone

If this is your first race, or you are joining with someone running the bigger distances, this one is for you. It's a brilliant course that takes in everything from the famous football pitch that Carlos Valderrama learnt to play on, to the district of Pescaito where many of our projects are based. Not for the faint-hearted, the heat will make this feel much further than 5km but the atmosphere in town will surely make up for it. We expect a lot of people racing this flat course and we want you to enjoy every single second of that finish line feeling!


Meet Annie, the Operations Manager for Colombia Marathon. Find out more about why this is the World's Most Unique Marathon!