Read about our new 2020 booking policy.

2020 Booking Policy

All bookings made in 2020 (for an event in 2020 or future) are subject to one clear policy:

You may transfer your booking, and ALL payments made, to any other Impact Marathon, no deadline, no questions asked.

That's it. Simple.

We have taken our time to talk to our Impact Runners, charity partners and all the people around the world touched by our mission. And the response has been humbling. When you register for an Impact Marathon you are embarking on a journey, not just another holiday. You are trusting Team Impact to take you on this journey and although you may know the physical destination, the emotional, life-changing destination remains unknown, sometimes even still as you return home.

This has, of course, been an immensely challenging time for the travel and events industries, and we have not been immune to this. But the spirit of the Impact Community has buoyed our spirit and energy throughout, and each time someone books with us it is exciting, humbling and inspiring. Amazing times lie ahead.

With the world as it stands, the journey you embark on when you book your Impact Marathon may not end up in the expected destination or timeframe... but, just as with all our Impact Weeks, it may very well take you to exactly where you need to be.

During this time we promise to be 100% honest, open and act with integrity in all our plans. We will continue to put the empowerment of the entire Impact Community at the heart of our decision-making process and ensure that we are an example of an organisation driven by a passion to change the world.