Now, by the launch day in a new location, Team Impact would have spent a few months living in the country, running, meeting, and learning! This year, we’ve had to do things a little bit the other way round. So to kick things off here are 8 Things Jordanian Runners can expect at the Impact Marathon!

Any time a new race launches there is excitement in the running community. When that race is part of a global series the intrigue is even greater. When that race doesn’t even claim to be a race…well…we should probably explain a bit more!

Before launch day in a new location, Team Impact would usually spend a few months living in the country, running, meeting, and learning! This year, we’ve had to do things differently.

So to kick things off here are 8 Things Jordanian Runners can expect at the Impact Marathon!

1. It’s two days, and on the first one there’s no running involved!

In 2020, we were forced to pause. We took a  step back and looked at how  Impact Marathons grew from just an idea to holding popular events in 6 countries. We questioned everything about why the races had been so popular with International runners and runners in the local community.

We learned that runners are the most positive, optimistic, and energised global citizens. They are united in their ability to overcome doubt in their minds and to overcome what seems impossible. Because of that, they are super excited to create a positive impact in the world.

So, rather than have our social projects just for International participants - we wanted every single runner at an Impact Marathon to have the opportunity to make an impact.

That’s why we have created a two-day event. The first day is all about Impact, the projects we are fundraising for, the projects we are supporting, and, crucially, the projects we want to support in the future.


2. Accommodation, meals, workshops, and race are all part of the package

Once you arrive at the Impact Marathon, we ask you to leave your worries, fears, and insecurities behind. Throw yourself into two days of positive energy and game-changing ideas.

Your race entry covers everything that takes your conscious thought or planning. We want to free up your headspace. We want you to press pause on life and press play on your dreams for the future of yourself, your family, your communities, and your nation.

This is exactly what has made our race atmosphere so unique!

3. We welcome your input, feedback, ideas, and energy     

This is just year one, and we intend to return every year to build on what we are creating. We need your ideas on how to elevate the race, the power of running, and the experience for all Jordanians. We have a reputation for evolving the race each year in line with the running community. Please reach out and bring your ideas and your energy. We will find ways to incorporate them!

We didn’t set out to make this the biggest race in Jordan, maybe not even the best race in Jordan - we set out to make it the most powerful race in Jordan.

Seriously, my email address is [email protected] and I want to hear all your ideas on how to make as much impact as possible this year and beyond!

4. It’s not about your time

We like to keep track of finishing times for future planning and because it’s fun to see great runners battle it out. We don’t publish them - we focus on making the race route so unique that you will be stopping for photos, taking selfies with your new running buddies, and treasuring every single step.

Also, we can guarantee the biggest cheer of the day is for that final runner (stay behind as long as you can to welcome everyone home).

We will be bringing our hand-stitched finishing line from Guatemala to Jordan. It’s been at every single Impact Marathon and every single Impact Runner (that’s you!) gets to run through that finish line for your photo! We don’t reserve it for just the winners.

What can we take from Jordan to our other races? Let me know!

5. We love fundraising!

This race is created to bring The Global Goals to life for each Impact Runner - but also, to raise funds for the people who are crazy enough to believe they can be achieved.

We support the dreamers, the believers, the crazy ones - to do that, we look to every runner to fundraise! We don’t require a personal target, we trust you to test yourself and we reach for our Team Target.

In 2021 - we are supporting projects achieving Global Goal 2: Zero Hunger! But what I truly love about this project, is the amazing ripple effect it has on other Global Goals - the more you learn the more awesome the project becomes.

After you register you will receive a link to start a fundraising page. You can your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you. The funds will go to the projects in Jordan selected by our partners at Naua…and in 2022, the team at Naua will support you, the runners, to select the project and drive the change.

6. All RuNNING ABILITIES are welcome and cherished

So, you want to run your first ever race…register and we know there will be a host of runners looking to support your mission.

The one thing that unites all runners is that we all know that voice that says “stop, no more, you can’t.” The fastest runners overcome that voice on every race. The new runners overcome it the first time they step outside to run…we all know it, we have all heard it and we are all here to support you!

Sign up for the distance you know is right for you, and prepare for a race like no other. Treasure every single step and run together, with others, for others.

7. It’s not about where and when we start - it’s how we finish that really matters

When you see that the 42km is a two-loop course, it can sometimes be a bit disappointing - until you are halfway through that second loop, as the 21km runners join you, energise you, inspire you. A bit later, the 10km runners cheer you on as they run with you.

Take energy from when you come to the water station and the team remembers that you were worried about your knee and they proactively check it for you as you arrive. Or as they cheer you through because you are looking strong.

When you remember this part of the course was super fun and you get to treasure each step a second time.

By looping the course and staggering the start we are ensuring that by the end we are all finishing together as one united running community.

8. We’ll be back!

This is not a one-off event, this is an event we are committed to, and we are committed to continuing the support and empowerment of the running community of Jordan.

We were the first major event to launch in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake. We’ve worked with communities through not one but two volcanic eruptions in Guatemala (check out the video to be truly inspired). We are here to truly empower changemakers and create ripple effects that touch entire nations and cross oceans.

We will share more on concepts like our Impact Runner Development Fund, we will open up the race for more of your support, and we will be out running with as many people as possible (when possible!) to learn more about how the race can support your goals.

So there it is, my Top 8 things to know about Jordan x Impact Marathon 2021. If you love the values we are all about, please share the event with your friends. If you have ideas for the future, please message me - I love getting creative and finding unique ways to make an impact.

Until then, Be Awesome!

…If you live in Jordan - you can register for Jordan x Impact Marathon 2021 HERE